Non Law School Event Policies

The College of Law has a limited inventory of audio visual and presentation equipment that can be used in regularly scheduled classes, as well as special events held within the College. The following information includes the types of equipment available and the policies regarding equipment use. 

Note: There is a charge for equipment for non-College of Law activities and events. However, some of our rooms do have built-in systems that include minimal equipment with room rental - see below.

Prices below do NOT include tax.  Tax will be added to all rentals.

Please read this page before requesting equipment! 

Equipment List

Room Rental Inclusions


Equipment List:

Charge for Non-Law Events Per Day

Media Cart - includes computer, projector, DVD and VHS player, and speaker.

Overhead Projector
$ 20.00
Video Projector & DVD/VHS for Great Hall



$ 50.00 + long distance charges
Extra microphones (table or floor mics)
Digital Video Camera - includes tripod, 1 mini DV tape and one DVD copy (please see Media Services below for technician information)
Portable Lectern with Sound System (for use in the Rotunda)
$ 75.00
 * For events in the Great Hall in the evenings and weekends, if you require our projector and/or laptop, you will also have to pay for a technician to stay for the duration of your event, as we do not leave our equipment in the Great Hall overnight.  Technician rates are shown below.  If you do not wish to pay for a technician, please arrange to bring your own laptop and projector, or contact University Classroom Support to reserve the equipment from them.  Information is below.


If you need equipment not listed here, please contact the University Classroom Support department. They have an extensive inventory of equipment available for reservation:


Room Rental Inclusions:


Charge for Non-Law Events

Great Hall


Lectern with fixed microphone, two tables, instructions on how to turn the microphone on/off.
Room 105
Lectern with fixed microphone, teaching center with DVD/VHS player, document camera, video projector, 2 plasma displays.
Room 115 (Courtroom)
Full courtroom setup, lectern mic, judge mic, witness mic, jury mics, counsel table mics, DVD record and playback, VHS playback, computer, video projector, document camera. Requires instruction from IT department on first use.
Room 116 & 114
Teaching center with DVD/VHS player, document camera, computer, laptop hookup, video projectors, screens.

Seminar Rooms:
109, 110, 111

White board, screen, video projector, computer, laptop hookup, DVD/VHS player with audio support (no mics)


Room 118
Built in screen, black board. No other AV equipment included.
Library Conference Room
No AV included.
Library Classroom
Lectern, sound system, DVD/VHS player, video projector, and screen.

These are flat rates.

Goto for room reservations.

The IT Department does not reserve rooms under any situation.


Technical Support and Media Services


Charge for Non-Law Events

Basic AV Equipment Instruction


Under 30 minutes included in room rentals, over 30 minutes there is a charge
$0 for up to 30 minutes, $50 per 1/2 hour thereafter
Event Technician
Arrives 1 hour before event, stays through event, leaves after equipment is put away (if it is the end of the event)

$50 per hour

$75 per hour if needed before or after Monday - Friday 8am -5pm or on weekends.

Extra $25 per hour in notified of technician need less than two weeks in advance ($75 per hour Monday - Friday 8am -5pm, $100 per hour after business hours.)


Video Taping Services
We do NOT provide video taping services for either College of Law events or outside events. There are other campus units that can be hired to provide this service. Contact the IT department for this information.
Media Duplication Services

Services available:

  • Mass duplication of CDs or DVDs
  • Media conversion from VHS to DVD, DVD to VHS, Mini DV to VHS or DVD, or VHS to VHS
Availability of these services subject to staffing.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 480-965-8181



Frequently Asked Questions:


I need someone to video tape an event - can someone from IT do it?

The IT Department does not have the staffing to regularly video tape events. We may from time to time tape special events, but for the most part, we simply do not have the ability to do so.

We can provide you with the digital video camera (if it is available) and some instruction on how to use it. Students are often able to do the video taping for their groups and for professors.

If it is a special event that requires higher quality video, there are several video production units on campus that can be hired to tape an event, class, or meeting. Contact the IT Department for contact names and numbers. 

We do not arrange for taping services.

Our presenter is bringing a PowerPoint presentation - on what media should he bring it?

There are several ways to handle this:

  • Have him put it on a CD.
  • Have him save it onto a Flash Drive (also called a "thumb drive" or a "USB drive")
  • Have him email it to you, then it can be accessed in a classroom by you signing into the computer and retrieving the presentation.
  • Do NOT have him bring it on a floppy disk! We have very few machines that have floppy drives now. If he must bring it on a floppy, have him arrive early to have the IT department transfer it to another medium so that it can be accessed in the classroom.
Can our presenter bring her own laptop for her presentation?

Certainly! Just make sure she arrives early enough before the presentation that we can get her laptop hooked up to our presentation system.

Our presenter has asked for a microphone. Can he have one? In certain rooms, yes. The Great Hall, the Courtroom (115) 105, 116, and 114 all have sound systems with microphones. The other rooms do not, but they are so small, microphones are usually not necessary.
We need a sound system in the Rotunda - what are my options? We have a portable lectern with an internal sound system that can be wheeled into the Rotunda. It includes a microphone and other microphones or audio components (like a CD player) can be plugged into it. It is for use inside the building only!