Student Testimonials

Keenan Wanamaker
Class of 2011

The Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic is a unique offering and a valuable experience for students with an interest in patent law. Few law schools offer a clinical experience for patent law students and ASU’s Clinic is extraordinary among even those. The Clinic’s association with one of the most successful contingency fee patent litigation practices in the country offers an added value as these concepts are illustrated in a related patent licensing and enforcement class. The instructors provide a unique perspective and a wealth of practical knowledge. 

Involvement in the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic helped me enormously. Not only did it provide a focus for my law school experience, but it also helped me to obtain employment in my desired area of practice and laid a foundation for future legal study and career development. The Clinic was a comprehensive experience that gave me focus and direction as I moved into my second year of legal study. I highly recommend it.


Bryce Burnham
Class of 2010

Entering law school, my interests tended toward patent law, so it was natural for me to take the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic - one of the most unique and cutting edge clinical programs in the US - to see if patent work would be a good fit with my career goals. My work in the clinic included valuable real life experience in drafting and filing patent applications, filing a trademark office action response, writing, analyzing and reviewing patent claims, addressing patent application rejections from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), conducting prior art searches, and meeting with clients to help determine and meet their needs in protecting their intellectual property.

It was really exciting and challenging to meet with clinic clients, learn about and understand their ideas and the relevant technology, and then channel their ideas into a patent application. The process of drafting a solid patent, especially drafting valuable and enforceable patent claims, is an iterative one that can only be learned by doing. Being able to receive and incorporate feedback from Prof. Gross while drafting claims was invaluable and is something that doesn’t occur in a traditional law school class setting. Instead of reading about and discussing concepts that would be tested at the end of the semester, I had a chance to really see how many of the doctrines of patent law work in practice. Additionally, in working with Prof. Gross to address issues raised by the USPTO in its review of patent applications, it was clear that there were better and worse ways of preparing patents which taught me how to avoid some potential pitfalls.

During my time in the clinic I was able to meet and work with great people and make contacts that included professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, and grant winning students. My time in the clinic showed me what the work of a patent attorney is really like, and led to a paid internship. I couldn’t have been happier with my whole experience in the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic!