2010 Mock Trial Academy and Mentoring Dinner

The 2010 Mock Trial Academy and Mentoring Dinner at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law was a huge success, serving nearly 90 high school students and 72 middle school students. These ethnically diverse students are all in classes that are studying or competing in mock trials, so most of the students have an enduring interest in the law. Moreover, the programming throughout the day was quite substantive.

The student populations were ideal: the high school students are competing in mock-trial competitions this spring and thus are fairly likely to think about law school in the future and to enhance the diversity of legal education. Because the middle-school students are also involved in mock-trial training, they will soon be within LSAC’s main target group; we look forward to seeing them in the near future as high school level participants in the mock-trial academy.

The attached agenda shows the ambitious schedule for the academy, in which high school mock trial competitors attended mock trial workshops throughout the day. Middle school students attended some of the mock trial classes, received a short Internet tour through the discoverlaw.org website and a few other websites, and participated in exercises led by Cara English, a representative from undergraduate admissions.

At the end of the day, the middle school classes took a short walking tour of campus and then returned to join approximately 30 attorneys, law students, college students, and high school students for dinner and mutual mentoring.


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