Mentor Comments

" I wanted to thank both of you for taking time out of what I am sure are busy schedules to spend a few hours with us.  I appreciated all of the advice and insight that was provided.  I must say that this event was truly an enlightening experience because you really get to talk with everyone candidly and honestly about what the practice is like including the "ups" and "downs". Yet, spite of some of the "downs" at the end of the day you are doing something that is gratifying and that you have a passion for. "  
                                     - from a current 2L student

"The program offered me far more than I could have contributed to it; as a minority student, it gave me a welcome home, wonderful mentors, and a way to feel useful to others. I was simply fortunate to be in one of the first classes. It looks like the program has really taken off since I was at ASU; it's a very, very good thing to see, and I'm proud to have been a part of it."
  -from a former law student mentor, now an attorney in San Francisco   

"Thank you for the opportunity to partake within the Mentoring program this past year. I enjoyed my group, and learned plenty from everyone. This is a wonderful program and I support the cause very much so. I will indeed spread the word to incoming sophomores and other juniors interested in taking further law studies. The HNBA Mentoring Program impacted my life, as I believe it will do so to others. The HNBA will make the difference when it comes to better leadership, and various minority representation within the courtrooms, as society longs for today."
-from a high school participant

"Thank you very much for telling me about the mentoring program! Talking to Mrs. Christina Noyes about her work was great! It was a pleasure to get to know her and I am looking forward to our future meetings! She told me she could tell me more and even show me one of her client's files, so I can see exactly how it is done here and compare it to what I have done in Romania. She also gave me a lot of very useful advice about what employers look for in a CV and what is good to focus on during law school. The best and most unexpected part of the evening however was meeting Mr. Roland Lechner! Just this morning when I called home I was telling my father how much I would love to meet somebody from Germany! My wish came true faster than I thought! And better than I thought: he even worked in the area of my interest. Through him I found out that my work at home was called corporate immigration (helping German companies establish a branch in Romania)! I hope we will stay in touch, so I can learn more about his work, about his experience as a European coming to study law in America and maybe get to know more people from the German community in Phoenix."
-from a law student recently arrived from Romania

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that the Hispanic National Bar Association Mentoring Program has opened up for me. It is a privilege to work with individuals at all levels in their law careers. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of the program, as I am an immigrant from Poland myself. The knowledge and encouragement that this program offers is invaluable to students in a position similar to mine. As an undergraduate sophomore having the ability to seek answers from those in positions that I will find myself in someday, will strengthen my drive to accomplish what I have set out to do. Wish there were more programs like this!"
- from an ASU undergrad