2010 Immigration Panel and Team Dinners

September 19, 2010, more than 50 attorneys and students ranging from high school to law school met at the College of Law in the first meeting of the academic year for the HNBA Mentoring Program in Phoenix.

The meeting began at 4 pm with an hour-long panel on Immigration Law, providing free CLE credit for the attorney mentors, and featuring the following speakers:
  • Margarita Silva, Esq. (overview of immigration law practice
  • Roland Lechner (employer sanctions law
  • Professor Carissa Hessick (SB 1070)
  • Professor Evelyn Cruz (Dream Act and other Immigration Reform)
Afterwards, students and attorneys met in subject-matter related mentoring teams, getting to know each other over a fajita dinner, funded by LSAC and HNBA. Over dinner, team members discussed plans for individual team mentoring events later in the semester. Preliminary ideas for such team events include:

  1. A Criminal Law team made plans at the dinner to attend part of a criminal law trial, followed by a meeting to discuss it.

  2. An Immigration Law team has tentative plans to visit the federal courthouse and then try out the new downtown bowling alley, to further cement mentoring relationships and provide an opportunity for discussion.
  3. One team will meet its attorney mentor at the Rhythm Room, for the 6 pm show on Oct. 23, where the attorney will play blues harmonica with the Repeat Offenders band (showing that attorneys can have fun hobbies too).
  4. Members of one team will host a table on legal careers in an upcoming high school career fair, handing out book bags supplied by LSAC, as well as HNBF prelaw brochures, copied with HNBA support.
  5. A high school student on one team plans to shadow one of his attorney members for a day.
  6. Two college school students on one team plan to sit in on a law school class, arranged by law students on their team. Law school mentors on that team also plan to prepare a workshop on law school admission and the LSAT for the college members.
  7. One team plans to meet for a casual dinner, to meet members who could not attend the opening event, and it encouraged team members to meet for one of two immigration law symposia scheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 8:
    1. Social Consequences of Immigration Policies: Cronkite School - September 30, 2010, 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., 555 N. Central Ave. (open to public).
    2. "The role of the states in imigration policy and enforcement" - Friday, Oct. 8 at the ASU College of Law (8am-5pm). (to register: immigration.law.asu.edu).

  8. One law student mentor has offered to provide guidance to any high school student in the program, on college admissions and preparation.

Thanks to the organizers of the event: Charles Calleros, Marisol Diaz, Kimberly Holst, and Lydia Montelongo.


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