Law Library Exercise 2010

Annual Law Library Exercise for the S. Mt. Law Magnet Program, October 13, 2010

Twenty students from the South Mountain High School Law Magnet Program visited the law school to gain experience in legal research. Librarian Serene Rock introduced the visiting students to the federal court system and to techniques for finding judicial opinions. She explained how to locate Supreme Court cases by first consulting secondary sources, finding citations to U.S. Reports, and then locating the text of the case within the U.S. Reports. Professor Kimberly Holst then introduced students to LSAC’s website.

After the class session, Ms. Rock and other librarians then took the students on a tour of the library and showed them some of the rare books in the English Legal History collection, as well as some nineteenth-century state statutes dealing with slavery laws. After the tour, the students used a variety of secondary sources to find Supreme Court cases on slavery, on which they would later report in class.

The library exercise was followed by lunch in the law school’s student café, funded by LSAC and HNBA. 

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