Meet the Center Scholars

Center Scholars are active partners in the Center for Law, Science & Innovation.  They actively participate in Center research, management, and events. 

The 2013-2014 Scholars are:

Third-year J.D. students

Lauren Burkhart graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a passion for the academic value of scientific research. She has found a home at the Center, participating in multiple research clusters, projects, and student outreach, and as the Notes & Comments Editor for Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology. Her own law review article exploring the duty to disclose disease-linked genetic information is soon to be published in the journal. Lauren is pursuing a Law, Science & Technology Certificate in Health Law and Law & Psychology, and hopes to continue working with students, researching and teaching in the areas of science and ethics in legal policy. 

Huacong Chen earned a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Wellesley College and a master’s in Physiological Sciences from the University of Arizona. Her research career began in high school and until law school, she worked in the same lab studying transporter physiology. The lure of intellectual property debates soon overcame the excitement of lab research, especially because China, her home country, is often in the center of these debates. She is involved in the Women Law Students’ Association, Intellectual Property Student Association and the Center’s Alzheimer’s and the Law research cluster.

Bruce Green


Jonathan McMichael graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering. While an undergraduate, he conducted research on cardiac muscle mechanics, attempting to engineer corrective levels of force in diseased tissue. In addition, he worked at the National Institutes of Health to study the dynamics of calcium handling in cardiac and skeletal muscle. In law school, Jonathan has become involved with the Intellectual Property Student Association and the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic. As an Articles Editor for Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology, Jonathan looks forward to his own article being published in an upcoming issue. Jonathan is a registered patent agent, and plans to pursue a career in patent litigation following law school.

Geoff Morris graduated from the University of Oregon with Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Information Science and Business Administration.  He also has an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.  His past projects include WSDL-based payment processing, information security, ECM, and e-discovery.  He is an executive board member of the Sports and Entertainment Law Journal as a Senior Associate Editor and the Chair of the Weekly PULSE, the journal’s weekly blog of current events.  He has written on the U.S. Border Patrol’s use of UAVs, the Supreme Court’s sanctioning of international arbitration in Kirtsaeng, internet radio licensing, and ISP use of deep packet inspection.  He has been married for 13 years and has 3 children. 

Mitesh Patel

Marshall "Chance" Peterson graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in physics and education. During college, Chance worked for the Ecological Restoration Institute, studying the role of fire in southwestern forests. Upon graduating from NAU, he worked with Habitat for Humanity building homes after Hurricane Katrina, then taught in South Korea for two years before returning to Arizona to teach physics and chemistry. As a law student, he has competed in the environmental law moot court, served as Vice President of the Environmental Law Society, and studied abroad at the University of Costa Rica. Chance is Senior Articles Editor for Jurimetrics, and his student note, "The Sancho Effect," was selected for publication.

Derek Pignatelli graduated from the University of Southern California, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is currently completing the JD/MBA joint degree program. While at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Derek participated in the Innovation Advancement Program where he counseled small business owners on a variety of legal and business issues including drafting agreements, strategic choices, IP protection and market analysis. Before coming to law school, Derek worked in both production and development in the television and film industries. He is currently working in the Mergers & Acquisitions department for a biotech startup and is interested in pursuing a career in business development. During his free time, Derek follows the USC football team, plays with his dog and tries to keep his wife from realizing she’s way too good for him.

Roque Thuo has a bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. Since 2000, he has worked as an integrated circuit design engineer for Microchip Technology and Intel, and was a researcher for Sayfe Kiaei at ASU’s Center for Communication Circuits and Systems. Thuo co-founded Rfwel, a wireless engineering and system integration firm. He is an Arizona Licensed Low Voltage Communication Contractor (Commercial), and a Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical). He is interested in the legal and regulatory aspects of wireless and wireless infrastructure construction law.

Dominique Turk graduated cum laude from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is interested in IP and plans to pursue a career in patent prosecution and litigation. Turk has experience in IP including a position as an intellectual property law clerk for PING golf as well as a patent externship with the USPTO. She is also involved with the Intellectual Property Student Association and the Women Law Students’ Association. In her free time, Turk enjoys cooking, playing soccer and traveling.

Second-year J.D. students


Robert Clarke graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon with a double-major in Chemistry and Economics. For his senior thesis in Chemistry, he conducted research in organic chemistry synthesizing molecules with specific three-dimensional geometries through the use of organocatalysts. After graduation Robert worked two years as a claims adjuster at Progressive Insurance investigating automobile claims by analyzing the facts of collisions and estimating physical damage to vehicles. He is interested in intellectual property law and business law and is currently an intellectual property law clerk at PING golf. On his free time, he enjoys playing electric and acoustic guitar, exercising, and golf.

Katherine Hanna has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from ASU. After graduation, Katherine worked at the UCLA Gambling Studies Program for three years where she studied community-based treatment interventions for problem gamblers and implementation techniques for public health programs. Her interests include the influence of neuroscience evidence on criminal sentencing, scientific evidence education in the legal system, and implementation and efficacy of alternative justice courts. Katherine is involved in the Women Law Students’ Association and the Liberty Project, and enjoys photography, biking, hiking and film.  

 Byron Martz

Gregory Measer graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  During his undergrad Gregory conducted research on relationship violence, athlete aggression, and attitudes toward the criminal justice system—earning both the Research Recognition Award and Applied Psychology Award.  Upon graduating, he chose to attend ASU to pursue his interests in health law and public health law.  Gregory is an associate editor on Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology and a member of the Public Health Law Research Cluster.  Most recently he worked as an extern at the Arizona Center for Disability Law.  During his free time he enjoys music, reading, and hiking.

David Medina graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Engineering. Before coming to law school, Medina was the product manager at a Silicon Valley start-up that specializes in cross-border micro finance. He is interested in intellectual property law and would like to pursue a career in patent litigation. Medina recently worked for ON Semiconductor as an Intellectual Property Legal Intern, and will extern this fall with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. During his free time, Medina works on old American cars and plays sports.

 Kellie Nelson graduated from the University of Colorado with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology. After a medical mission trip to Nepal, she also gained a budding passion for health and medicine, and is interested in studying the intersections of psychology, health, and law while at ASU. She works extensively as a researcher for the Public Health Law & Policy Program, is an Associate Editor for Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science & Technology, and is a leader in several other student organizations as well as a Student Ambassador. When there is time between her academic and student affairs, she spends time cooking, watching football, and spending time with her fiancé and puppy.

Justin Powley graduated from Colorado State University in Pueblo with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. As an undergraduate, he was an officer in the Association for Computing Machinery and completed his CompTIA A+ and Security+ IT Certifications. After graduating in 2010, Powley worked the last two years in the internal IT department at Progressive Insurance. His interests include intellectual property and the field of emerging technologies. In his free time he enjoys hiking, cliff diving, basketball and most outdoor activities.

 Joshua Rayes graduated from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Prior to law school, Josh worked as a civil engineer on large-scale public works construction projects, and earned his licensure as a Registered Professional Engineer. He is interested in IP and looks forward to a career in patent prosecution and litigation. Josh has taken several IP related courses and continues to gain practical experience as an Intellectual Property Law Clerk for the golf company, PING. As a Staff Writer for the Arizona State Law Journal, Josh is researching and writing on patent troll related issues, and he actively participates on the Articles Committee. Josh is also pursuing a Law, Science, and Technology Certificate. This fall, Josh is working as a Judicial Extern at the Arizona Court of Appeals.

Suneeta Tumati graduated from the University of Arizona with a PhD in Medical Pharmacology. Her research was in the area of neurobiology of opiods, mainly opioid-induced paradoxical pain. She is interested in Patent Law in the field of biotechnology and is a registered patent agent. She recently worked as a summer legal intern at Arizona Technology Enterprises.  She is currently associated with Intellectual Property Student Association and Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

Cory Tyszka graduated magna cum laude from Wheaton College in Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in biology. While an undergraduate, Tyszka conducted prostate cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and developed a protocol to investigate genetic relationships within a population. Tyszka earned a master’s degree in education from ASU, specializing in secondary curriculum and instruction in math and science. She is pursuing a Law, Science, and Technology Certificate and serves as a Staff Writer for the Arizona State Law Journal. She is Director of the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project, the Liberty Project, and the ASU Chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild. She also serves on the Wheaton College President’s Commission.


First-year J.D. students


Asha Agrawal graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology with a minor in Chemistry. She has conducted research in the life sciences including molecular oncology, analytical microscopy, and biostatistics. She has also worked on projects developing more efficient transfection protocols. Asha is involved with the Health Law Society, and a board member for several other student organizations as well as a Student Ambassador. She plans to pursue a Law, Science & Technology certificate with a specialization in Genomics and Biotechnology Law.

Samuel Blake graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. He has conducted research in the fields of computational fluid dynamics, active flow control methods, and hybrid control systems. He also worked as a Control Systems Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace prior to entering law school. During his employment Blake received an Award for Outstanding Results for his work on a strategic project concerning the global expansion of Honeywell’s Aerospace division. Performing this work with Honeywell’s Mergers and Acquisition Group has steered Blake’s interest towards high technology business development in both domestic and international capacities. Blake is interested in IP and plans to pursue a career in patent prosecution and litigation.

Victoria Cook graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.  As an undergraduate, Vickie held positions as research intern at the Medical College of Wisconsin and an engineering intern at Baxter Healthcare.  After graduation, Vickie started working as a patent engineer at a large firm in Phoenix and has since become a registered patent agent.  She is excited to further her career in patent prosecution and plans to pursue a Law, Science, and Technology Certificate.  In her free time, Vickie enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and spending time with her husband and their chocolate lab.

Kevin Hawkes graduated magna cum laude from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. While studying at Utah State University, he was heavily involved in researching selective ionization processes associated with mass spectrometry. He also worked as a Chemist at Spectrum Industrial Products formulating high strength detergents prior to starting law school. He is fascinated by science and is excited to explore how it intersects with the law. When not occupied by law school, he loves to get outdoors and spend time with his wife and daughter. 

Kevin Khachatryan has a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Midwestern University and a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from UCLA. He is a licensed pharmacist currently practicing in Phoenix. Before law school, Kevin ran a web design & social marketing company for 5 years. He has volunteered for the American Diabetes Association & participated in several community outreach programs for medication adherence and patient safety. Kevin is interested in health care law and FDA Rules & Regulations. He is planning to pursue a Law, Science & Technology certificate specializing in Health law.  When not studying or working, Kevin enjoys blogging, soccer, spending time with his wife, and watching movies. 

Peter Krehbiel graduated from Arizona State University with a BsE in Aerospace Engineering.  In industry he built a successful career as a Systems Engineer working a plurality of missile system and launch vehicle programs for the USN, MDA, USAF, and NASA. He returned to ASU to receive an MBA and developed a consultancy providing expertise in System Safety, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance issues surrounding missile and space launch vehicle systems.  Interested in continuing his education in law, he intends to explore the intersection of technology, economics, and regulation within law.  In furtherance of this goal he is co-founder of the Space Law and Policy Society at ASU.

Austin Miller graduated from Creighton University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. As an undergrad, Austin gained a passion for the sciences and the study of living systems. He is also very dedicated to science education and spent time as a biology lab teaching assistant at Creighton. He enjoys giving his time to others and has volunteered in many different settings including, a hospital, a health clinic, and a science museum. While in law school, Austin is interested in learning about the legal aspects of scientific research. He also plans to pursue a certificate in Law, Science, and Technology.

Tucker Terhufen graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. His main design projects were focused on hydraulic fracturing wastewater purification, as well as carbon dioxide free production of electricity, drinking water, liquid fuel, and gaseous fuel. He considers himself a “tech-nerd”, and is excited to couple his science background with the law. Tucker is interested in emerging technologies, sustainability, and clean energy. He enjoys spending free time with his wife and daughter, as well as an occasional round of golf. 

Justin Tyler

Emmett Walsh comes to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law with bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and philosophy from the University of Florida. Prior to law school, he took a product engineering internship with FRAM in Perrysburg, Ohio where he gained valuable engineering experience as well as insight into the corporate side of the engineering process. Emmett is a member of the Intellectual Property Student Association. He plans to study sustainable energy, intellectual property, and emerging technology law here at the Center for Law, Science and Innovation.

JD/MD students


Layne Bettini earned an undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico in foreign languages and biology. Bettini is pursuing an MD/JD degree with the Mayo Medical School. While an undergraduate, his experience as a congressional intern in Washington, D.C., fostered his interest in health policy. His motivation comes from the many opportunities at the interface of law and medicine. Either by having a role in influencing policy, facilitating the future of medical technology, or anywhere in between, Bettini views the study of law as a further opportunity for helping patients.

Joshua Faucher graduated from the University of Connecticut Honors Program in 2010 with dual degrees in Pathobiology and Sociology.  During college he was involved with microbiology research and health outreach efforts with local underserved populations.  He has completed two years at Mayo Medical School and is pursuing his MD/JD degree.  Last year, Faucher also helped form at Mayo Medical School a student chapter of the policy advocacy group, Physicians for a National Health Program.  He is interested in patient advocacy, insurance regulation and reform, and many other areas of medicine’s intersection with the law.

Gregory Mowrer graduated from Bethany College in West Virginia with a bachelor's degree in biology.  After college, he worked in biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health, studying genomics in mouse embryonic stem cells, and at Massachusetts General Hospital, studying both adipose and induced pluripotent stem cells.  He is currently pursuing the MD/JD degree in conjunction with the Mayo Medical School.  Ultimately Gregory would like to work in patient care and the development of health law and policy.

Ma Khin Pyison graduated from Williams College with a bachelor's in Biology and has completed two years at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She is interested in the various interfaces of law and medicine, ranging from personalized medicine and public health law, to human rights law and international humanitarian law. She is involved with the Homeless Legal Assistance Project, the Juvenile Legal Assistance Project, the Medical-Legal Partnership, anti-human trafficking efforts, the Student Ambassadors and the International Law Students Association, and the Center for Law and Global Affairs.