Gust Rosenfeld Holds Annual Mentoring Reception

Gust Rosenfeld continues to lead the way in law firm participation in the Phoenix HNBA mentoring program. Six attorneys participate as mentors in the program, helping to staff five mentoring teams. And the HNBA program is just one of several pipeline or mentoring programs in which the firm participates.

On October 29, 2010, the firm hosted a reception honoring their HNBA mentees, scholarship recipients, mentees from the Asian Bar and the Women Lawyers Association, and former mentees who have graduated, taken the bar, and are employed or searching for employment.

Barbara Rodriguez-Pashowski, the lead Gust Rosenfeld HNBA mentor, explained: “For the past three years the Gust Rosenfeld Executive Committee, Diversity Committee, and its HNBA mentors have hosted a reception to honor its current and past mentees, law clerks, and scholarship recipients, including those students who have graduated, taken the bar exam, and are employed or searching for employment.  We believe mentoring is a long term commitment that includes providing these young students and professionals with an opportunity to know that their hard work is recognized while giving them an opportunity to meet the attorneys in our Firm, to meet each other, and to establish contacts through this unique networking opportunity.  I am proud to be a member of Gust Rosenfeld and to see so many of my colleagues take the time each year to join us at what has become an annual event.”

Two student mentors in the HNBA program sent emails to HNBA organizers, commenting on the reception:


Just wanted to thank you again for telling me about the HNBA mentoring program!

Yesterday I attended a student reception hosted by Gust Rosenfeld at their office downtown. It was a very interesting experience, the first one of this kind for me. They gave us a tour of the office and then we had the opportunity to meet several lawyers from the firm. I had the chance to talk to lawyers from many different practice areas, including a lawyer with a career of over 50 years in corporate litigation! I was also very happy to see and talk to my mentor, Christina Noyes again! She impressed me by remembering many things I told her the last time we met . . . I wasn't even sure if she would still remember me after seeing me only once!

We want to meet again in early December or after the finals. I am looking forward to it! 

Dear Professor Calleros, 

I greatly appreciate your invitation to join the HNBA mentoring program.  As a first year law student, it is nice to have a mentor so willing to reach out.  Additionally, what an inspiration for those who can begin participating at the High School and Undergraduate level.  I had the pleasure of attending the event held at Gust Rosenfeld.  Very gracious people.  I had a chance to visit with Jeremy Goodman, my mentor.  Also met with Gustavo Flores, an undergraduate student assigned to my mentoring group.  Heather Chase, a graduate of PSL who is looking at opening a private practice was in attendance and is also part of our mentoring team.  I am excited for my High School Sophomore daughter to be involved in this organization and what it can mean to her to have a long term mentoring opportunity.  

The Gust Rosenfeld attorneys were gracious in welcoming each of the participants, individually, to call on any of the lawyers in addition to their assigned mentors.  I can't say enough about the positive motivation already experienced and continued assistance that appears available.  Please let me know if there are ways I can be of assistance to spreading the word on this wonderful project.


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