Auction Procedures

The bid number you were given at registration is for all auctions.

Silent Auction

Begins: 6:30 p.m.
Closes: 7:30 pm.

To place a bid in the Silent Auction, use your assigned bid number rather than your name on the bid sheet. Starting bids, values, reserve prices, and bidding increments are indicated on each bid sheet. Bidding increments indicate the minimum amount a bid can be increased, although you are welcome to increase your bid by more than that amount. Please enter only whole dollar amounts. When the Silent Auction section closes, the highest bidder for each item in this auction wins the item, unless it is a Blind Bid item. (Items marked “Blind Bid Items” within the Silent Auction will re-open for bidding just before the live auction begins. The winner is not determined until after the Blind Bid auction closes.) If you are the highest bidder on an item not marked as a Blind Bid item, you may proceed to the check-out tables, located next to the registration tables. If you wish to continue bidding on auction items in the Live or Blind Bid auctions, your items will be stored at check-out and you may wait until the end of the event to pay for all your items at one time.

Live Auction

Begins: Approximately 8:15 p.m.

To bid on an item in the Live Auction, raise your paddle with the number visible to both the auctioneer and the recorder. Live Auction winners will receive a bid card reflecting the winning bid amount. After the Live Auction is complete, take your winning bid card to check-out to claim and pay for your items. Auction items must be paid for and removed at the end of the event unless other arrangements are made with auction staff.

Blind Bid Auction

Begins: Approximately 8:15 p.m.
Closes: 15 minutes after Live Auction ends

Blind Bid items are available for initial bidding during the Silent Auction. Once the Silent Auction closes, the highest bid on a Blind Bid item will be the starting bid price for the Blind Bid portion. An announcement opening the Blind Bid Auction will be made when the Live Auction begins. Each Blind Bid item will have its own bid slip. Write your bid number and your bid amount on the slip and place into the corresponding Bid Box. Your bid amount must be greater than the new starting bid price. You may enter more than one bid but you are responsible for the highest bid amount entered. You will not be able to see other bids, so bid wisely. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random drawing. If no blind bids are cast for an item, the highest bidder from the Silent Auction bid sheet is the winner. Only whole dollar amounts will be accepted. Handwriting must be legible.

Terms for all auction sales

No cash sales. All sales are final. No warranties, express or implied, are made for any item. The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law assumes no liability or other responsibility for auction items or their use. Item values are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Reservations for trips, hotels, etc., must be arranged with the item donor and are subject to the donor’s restrictions. Certificates are subject to the restrictions printed on them.