Emphasis in Public Health Law and Policy

Profound issues of law and policy arise from the exploration, development, and implementation of health-related goals and objectives in society. National health care reforms are changing how we deliver health services and the practice of health law domestically. At the global level, transnational issues of trade, commerce, travel, environment, and terrorism transcend local and national boundaries and profoundly impact individual and communal health.

Though interrelated to national and global health law, public health law is a distinct and emerging field. Protecting the public's health domestically and abroad raises critical law and policy challenges that transcend traditional legal and political ideals and implicate different facets of the legal system. How governments and private sector entitles respond to public health issues like the obesity epidemic, emergency preparedness, the control of sexually-transmitted diseases, and vaccinations across populations, among many other issues, require focused study and development of specific knowledge and skills.

Through this unique academic offering, students seeking to focus in this area have the opportunity to study, learn, and work on regional, national, and international projects at the intersection of law, policy, and the public's health, in collaboration with the Public Health Law and Policy Program and multiple other partners at the College of Law and beyond.

Through their studies in the classroom, students can achieve a refined understanding of public health law and its modern challenges through in-depth exploration of foundational principles and real-time application through projects and initiatives. In the emerging field of public health law practice this focus will help to prepare students to apply their skills in career positions in public and private sector entities seeking to improve health through law.

Public Health Law and Policy Program