Kittrie quoted in The Arizona Republic

Monday, December 30, 2013

Orde Kittrie
Orde Kittrie
, Professor of Law, recently was quoted in an article in The Arizona Republic about his work in nuclear non-proliferation.

The article, JFK left a legacy of hope, explores the numerous ways that professors from around the nation are using their skills in order to keep President John F. Kennedy’s ideas and programs alive in the United States.

Kennedy was the first president to prioritize halting the spread of nuclear weapons by signing the Limited Ban Treaty in 1963.

“He stared at the prospect of nuclear war and had seen it up close and had decided that it was a terrible thing” said Kittrie. “To be trying to stop nuclear weapons from spreading, to me, it was the most satisfying topic I had ever worked on because the stakes were so high.”

To read the article, click here.

Kittrie’s teaching and research focuses on international law and criminal law. He is a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Law, Science & Innovation and a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Law and Global Affairs.

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