Mentoring program recognized with MLK Diversity Award

Friday, January 10, 2014

 Charles Calleros

Professor Charles Calleros, who organizes and implements outreach and mentoring programs at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, will receive the Tempe Human Relations Commission’s MLK Diversity Award in the education category on Monday, Jan. 20.

Calleros will be recognized along with colleagues Lydia Montelongo, Kimberly Holst, Marisol Diaz, Adam Almaraz and Honore Callingham for their work in connecting elementary, secondary and college students with law students and attorneys to promote a more racially and ethnically diverse legal profession.

Calleros said the award shows the impact the College of Law’s many mentoring and support programs are having on students.

“The mentoring program places attorneys, law students, college students, and high school students together on mentoring teams, organized by subject matter interests,” Calleros said. “So younger students gain mentoring in higher education and admissions from the more advanced students, and all benefit from the experience of the attorneys in the group.

“It’s a great way of forging relationships between the law school and the community, and especially with the Law Magnet Program at South Mountain High School. And it provides law students both with valuable contacts in the profession and with an opportunity to help others.”

Calleros said one of the most successful outreach programs was started by attorneys James Cool and Sarah Barrios when they were first year students at the law school.

The program hosts an annual workshop in mock trial skills for high school and middle school competitive mock trial teams. The next workshop will be held on Feb. 1, 2014, with attorneys and law students serving as volunteer faculty.

The Tempe Human Relations Commission’s MLK Diversity Awards honor community members, businesses, groups, and educational programs for their commitment to diversity in the local community. The award will be given to Calleros and his group at a brunch on Monday, Jan. 20, at the Buttes Resort in Tempe.

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