Ferguson-Bohnee quoted in Times-Picayune about costal communities dealing with natural, man-made erosion

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 Patty Ferguson-Bohnee

Professor Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, faculty director of the Indian Legal Program, was quoted in a March 14 article in the Times-Picayune titled "As Louisiana's coast washes away, threatened communities face questions about their identity."

The article discusses natural and man-made hazards affecting costal communities. 

Ferguson-Bohnee was a panelist at the Building Resilience Workshop V held at the University of New Orleans. A Pointe-au-Chien tribal member, Ferguson-Bohnee participated on a panel titled "Relocation Strategies and Obstacles" to discuss the social and legal issues faced by the Pointe-au-Chien due to the impacts of costal erosion, levee projects, and salt water intrusion.

"Our northern most end is now our southern most end," Ferguson-Bohnee said about the tribe's land that has eroded.

"There are government decisions that have been made to impact people, certain types of people," Ferguson-Bohnee said. Ferguson-Bohnee explained that once fertile land has now either eroded or is wetlands due to man-made decisions. She also discussed how the lack of federal status impacts the ability of the Tribe to advocate for legal protection of their aboriginal land and sacred sites. 

Since 2010, the mission of the annual Building Resilience Workshop has been to identify and promote the implementation of innovative and sustainable strategies that strengthen resilience in south Louisiana and around the world.

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