Connecting to network drives from a PC

Connecting to the H drive
We have Connection manager which takes care of both the printers and connecting to your H drive.
The H drive is your own personal storage held on our servers. It is backed up and secure. We HIGHLY recommend using it. We have had students laptops break and left with nothing. This won't happen with the H drive.
Step 1: Download and install Connection Manager (opens in a new window - when done return to this page)

Step 2: Input ASURITE & Password. Select Student. Click Save

Step 3: Connecting to the H drive
  • Click the Personal (H) drive Icon if you are off campus. An FTP program will launch(SSH).
  • Drag and drop from each side to transfer files from your computer and the H drive.
You can also click the Network drives On campus version if you are on the ASU network.
The drives are located under your "My Computer".

You can now drag and drop files like it was a CD/Flash drive/hard drive.
Note: Shared and Groups Icons will be used if you are in a group such as Law Journal