Connecting to Network Drives


Employees and Students are given access to various network drives.  Access to these storage locations can be accessed a number of ways:

Instructions for using SFTP and FTP

Personal Drive Space - H Drive

Law students are given 100 MB of personal network storage space.  Employees have a limit of 1 GB of storage.  Only you have access to your personal drive.  The H Drive can be used for the following:

  • Secure location for personal document storage

  • Accessible at both school and at home (requires existing internet connection)

  • Provides excellent primary/backup location for important files

Files will remain in your H drive for your duration at the College of Law.  The files will be deleted one year following your departure from the College.  Please contact the Help Desk if you require additional storage.

Student Organization Drive Space - O Drive

Student Organizations are given network drive space.  Access to specific organization files is restricted to organization membership.  These files will remain on the servers indefinitely.  There are not currently any size restrictions on these directories.

Student Shared Drive Space - S Drive

This location is provided as a medium for transferring and sharing of files.  All students and employees have access to this location.  Documents stored here will be removed on the first of every month.

Employee Departmental Drive Space - F Drive

This location is provided for employees as a location for storing departmental files.  Access is only given to employees who are members of the given department.  Documents will remain indefinitely.

For instructions on connecting from a Windows computer click the Windows logo below.

For instructions on connecting from a Mac computer click the Mac logo below.