Key Legal Education Tools

Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw

Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw are two of the leading internet based legal research providers.  First year students (1Ls) receive their login information for the two services in the first or second semester of Legal Method and Research course.


Law Library Online catalog

Being able to use the Law Library can be one of the most valuable skills you learn in law school, not only for your education, but also for extracurricular activities like Law Review and Moot Court, not to mention preparing for your first position as an associate attorney. The catalog contains records describing all the books, microforms, and journals in the Law Library and the ASU library system, including Hayden Library, Noble Library, and Fletcher Library at ASU West.


Accessing the catalog

  • The Law Library's catalog is on the web at
  • The link can be found on the main Law web site through the Ross-Blakely Law library link on the left and then the ASU Library Catalog link on the top right.
  • It can also be accessed through the terminals located towards the front of the Library or Computer Lab.


Context specific help is available for all types of searches by clicking on Help. For personal help, consult with a reference librarian, or use the online "Ask a Librarian" form at


The Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) exercises are available online through the web and by free CD-ROM. The exercises cover all major areas of study in law and provide an excellent resource to enhance your studies. In fact, some professors find these lessons so useful that they require students to take them.

Note: Free CD-ROMS are available at the front desk in the Law Library.

ExamSoft SofTest

ExamSoft Worldwide produces the SofTest examination software used by many law schools and state bar examiners. This software is a secure essay exam word processor. ASU allows students to use this software to take their mid-term and final law exams. If you plan to use your notebook computer to take your exams, SofTest is required. Approximately two-thirds of the students currently take all or some of their exams via this program.

SofTest is installed from the internet, but the software is activated only after you have registered with the law school and examsoft web site. More details will be announced later in the school year.

Click here to see the minimum system requirements for running Softest 

There is a $50.00 charge for using Examsoft. It will be added to your student billing once you accept the terms of use. Found here

DO NOT Install Examsoft right now. New versions come out often and we recommend installing it 2-3 weeks before Final Exams.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Can I install Examsoft on my friends laptop if mine breaks?
    • Yes, You can install the application on any Windows computer but you must register it with YOUR ID. Otherwise issues may arise.
    • Previous versions of examsoft must be removed first to allow the new registration.
  • Where can I get Examsoft?
    • It is best to download directly from their website to ensure you have the newest version. The version can change between semesters so please check their site before your exam.

Note about Examsoft:  You do not need to download it at this time.  IT Services will send out notices before mid-terms and will hold trainings for 1Ls.


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