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 The Student Computer Labs

What is available for student use?

  • One main computer lab with 13 Internet connected Dell desktop computers for law students students.

    • Software: Windows 7 Professional; Microsoft Office; Word Perfect; Three Internet browsers.
    • 3 HP 4000 & 2 HP 9000 series printers and 1 Fujitsu scanner
    • One computer and scanner desk for ease of access use


The Computer Lab is located inside the Ross Blakely Law Library, on the first floor.  Ask the library front desk staff for directions.

The Lab is available during normal library open hours. http://apps.law.asu.edu/Apps/Library/Hours.aspx

Logging into the Computer Lab computers

To log into one of the computer lab computers, you will need your ASURITE login name and password. If you have forgotten your login name or password, please see the IT Services at the Law School for assistance.

When you sit down to a computer lab machine, follow the on screen directions. If the screen is blank, move the mouse to "wake up" the computer or press the power button if it is blinking.

Enter your ASURITE login name in the "User name: field.  Enter your ASURITE password in the "Password" field.  

If you try to log in and it won't let you, then you may need to type in "ASUAD\" in front of your username. (Ex: "asuad\username")

If you still have problems, please come around to the Help Desk office and ask for assistance.




The main Student computer lab has 4 HP 4300 laser printers located at the back of the lab. They are named STUDENT_LAB_A-E. All print jobs will come out with a cover sheet with the date, time, and asurite of the person which printed it.

If the printers run out of paper, you can get paper out of the closet at the rear of the lab, across from the printers.  There is a labeled door that should have reams of paper in it.  Feel free to restock the printers as needed.  If that closet is empty, let the IT staff know at the Help Desk.  Please don't "liberate" the paper from the law school.

Student Printing Policy

Each student receives 600 pages free each academic year (August 1 - July 31) before they are charged $0.10 per additional page. Charges under $10 will be rolled over to the next semester.  Once charges reach over $10, the IT department will send the bill to the university Accounts Receivable department, who will then bill you.

As a student of the law school, it is your responsibility to keep track of your printing - including how many free pages you have left and being sure that you retrieve your print jobs from the computer lab printers.

You can check your printer balance through https://law.asu.edu/interactive

. You will need to sign in with your ASURITE and then click on "Printing Information."

You can read the entire printing policy, including what to do about bad prints, at the Printing Policies Page.

File Storage

Do not save files on the Lab computers! The Lab computers are routinely cleaned and refreshed without any notice to students. You can use email or USB/Flash drives to move your files to and from the lab machines.

Another great resource for storing your school-related files is your H drive. You may be familiar with your "MyDocuments" on PCs.  The H drive works the same way.  When you log into any law school computer, including the lab computers, the "MyDocuments" folder is your H drive.  The H drive folders are on our network file servers, so that you can access them from any computer on the ASU campus.  You will also be able to access your H drive from your laptop, whether it is a PC or a Mac.  The H drive is accessible from off campus or via laptop through our Connection Manager software.  This software is installed during the laptop configuration session during Orientation week.


  • Don't ever forget to log out from the Computer Lab computers! If you leave your account logged on, it is possible for others to access your email, use your printing credit, or delete your files.   There is a big "Log Off" button on the desktop screen of all the lab computers.
  • Please do not turn the lab computers off.

Computer Lab Policy

We do have a few rules about behavior in the Computer Lab.  These include the expected "respect the other lab users" and "don't bring food or drinks into the labs."  There is more, so be sure to check out the policy page:  Computer Lab Policies.

One thing that is not on the Policy, but that we feel VERY strongly about is cell phone use in the labs and in the library in general.  Please do not use your cell phone in the labs, in the study areas of the library, or in the back hall behind the labs.  It's disruptive to other students, as well as staff who have offices in the library.  You may step into a stairwell or out to the library lobby for your phone calls.

Where to go for Technology Help:

Law School IT Services can be contacted:

When necessary (see below), UTO should be contacted through its help desk. They are located in the Computer Commons building.

Chart: Who to contact for support


Configure Laptops for Internet, Network Drive, Printing LAW IT
Law Library Computer Lab accounts and problems LAW IT
Lab printing credit issues LAW IT
Multimedia Reservations and Training LAW IT
College of Law web site LAW IT
ExamSoft Softest (Exam taking software) LAW IT
Westlaw/Lexis-Nexis issues LAW IT**
Email account training/usage LAW IT
Email account technical issues LAW IT
Formal Name Change in system
Dell Laptop Service and warranty LAW IT*
ASU Username/Account issues LAW IT
ASURITE password reset LAW IT
Blackboard issues LAW IT
Classroom support LAW IT

*Warranties are carried out by Dell directly but we can assist in installation or troubleshooting

**Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis have their own support services. The Law Librarians manage some accounts for the school.

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