College of Law Class Agents

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Alumni Office is pleased to offer a meaningful and beneficial experience for alumni to be Class Agents. Class Agents facilitate communication with alumni and identify and plan opportunities for their peers to be engaged with the law school. Class Agents acts as alumni representatives and help determine what engagement opportunities and activities each class is involved in.

A few examples of Class Agent activities are as follows:
1. Assist the Alumni Office and other class agents in planning your reunion for 10, 25, and 50 year reunions
2. Author letters and email messages and post invites on online community sites
3. Identify peers who can host or co-host small- to medium-sized events
4. Ensure peers are aware of volunteer opportunities with the College of Law
5. Increase alumni support of law school programs and encourage classmates to support an area of interest to the law school
6. Author letters and emails to increase class participation in annual giving
7. Provide good contact information on classmates

Class Agents are not expected to be present for every activity and meeting. We would like to have two to three Class Agents for each of the 43 class years. If you are interested in being a Class Agent, contact our Alumni Coordinator Denise Emmel at or 480—965-5290.