Student Testimonials

“The judge and her staff give their externs a lot of responsibility, but also feedback and support and create an environment to succeed. I gained experience writing and researching in a variety of different types of law while learning about the inner workings of the appellate system in Arizona. “ Sam Arrowsmith, Honorable Patricia Orozco, Arizona Court of Appeals

 "I have completed three different externships throughout my law school career. Each one has taught me valuable practical skills and has helped me improve my legal writing and researching skills. In addition, it is a great way to build relationships in the legal community while you are in law school." Jose Carrillo, Honorable Michael Hawkins, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

 “I thought it (externship) helped me recognize the differences between academic legal writing and writing as a practitioner. I met wonderful mentors who seemed really interested in helping me develop my skills." Alden Anderson, Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts

“The externship program at ASU law provides valuable "real world" experience; it brings the law to life and offers participants the chance to put what they've learned in the classroom to test under the supervision of practicing attorneys. It provided vital contacts in the legal community for me, and gave me insight into what areas of law I want to practice.” Laura Clymer, US Attorney’s Office.

“The externship program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience prior to graduation. The substantive law courses provided at the college of law are great to prepare students to pass the bar and to understand how the law is applied in theory. The externship program allows students to apply the skills they are learning the classroom in the real world.” Tyler Cornia, Honorable William Brotherton, Maricopa County Superior Court

 “Externships are invaluable. It's a chance to take elements of what you learned in the classroom and to put them into actual practice in the real world. It shows you what you know and don't know, but it also gives you a chance to become passionate about the work you could do in practice and the changes in the world you can initiate with your work.”  Krystle Fernandez, Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

“My externship at the Arizona Supreme Court (Staff Attorney’s Office) was an amazing experience. It allowed me to take an active role in the judiciary of our state, and to examine real-world issues from a judicial perspective. The practical experience of mentoring I received was unparalleled. I would recommend this externship to anyone who's serious about getting the most out of their law school experience.” Timothy Forsman

 “My overall experience was really well-balanced and healthful. The externship allowed me to work on my writing skills and become more confident about my writing skills.” Justin Hoffman, ACLU

 “As an extern for the Presiding Disciplinary Judge I was able to learn a great deal about legal ethics and the responsibility of being a member of a self-regulating profession. This placement prepared me not just with very high level experience in legal writing and analysis, but in understanding the requirements of being an ethical lawyer. I benefited tremendously from this experience.” Katie Howland O’Brien, The Honorable William O’Neil. Arizona Supreme Court Disciplinary Judge

 "My externship placement was one of the best law school experiences thus far. My placement greatly improved my writing, showed me what it takes to be an effective advocate, and gave me the opportunity to build lasting relationships in the legal community." Daniel Jones, Arizona Supreme Court Staff Attorney’s Office

 “Every assignment (about 10) came with feedback and comments. “ Robert Lundberg, US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement

 “I was very happy with the work I got to do, meeting/hearings I could sit in on. I felt very much part of the team and like they needed/appreciated the work I was doing. Best part of law school so far – applying law learned. (Currently enrolled in water law) Wonderful to see theory applied. Raeesah Maisty, Arizona Department of Water Resources

 “My externship at the Institute for Justice was immersive and stimulating. I wrote original memos on big – picture constitutional law issues like free speech and property rights. My supervisors challenged me to analyze statutes and ordinances for prospective cases, and my interpretation and writing skills improved considerably.” Jack Meccia, Institute for Justice

 “I couldn't imagine a more complete externship. Lots of quality interesting work that is fed to you at your experience level; you are given freedom to do things your way, but you have great supervision. It's a wonderful way to figure out what's going on in the courtroom before I have to stand in front of the judge myself. “ Thomas Markle, Honorable James Teilborg, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona

 “I was able to work on judicial decisions, write opinions and get first-hand feedback from the Judge. It was a great experience. I feel my writing has improved and I have a better understanding of judicial processes.” Nicholas Meza, Honorable David Duncan, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona

 “My externship placement at the Arizona Court of Appeals was a resounding success! I obtained practical legal research and writing skills that no classroom experience could have provided. I recommend the judicial externship program to any law student, regardless of his or her interest in appellate advocacy."Andrew Morrison, Honorable John Gemmill, Arizona Court of Appeals

“The SDO COL externship program help me spend a semester in Washington DC externing at the Office of the Solicitor General. Nowhere else could I have been so involved with a Supreme Court case appeal from start to finish: researching the legal issues, editing the brief to be filed, participating in moot arguments, and, finally, attending the actual Supreme Court oral arguments. The opportunity to learn from the best appellate attorneys in the nation has improved my writing more than a law school class ever could. Externing has been the highlight of my law school experience!” Brandon Nagy, Office of the Solicitor General, United States Department of Justice, Washington DC

“My externship experience this semester offered a solid opportunity to develop the research and writing skills necessary for a burgeoning legal professional. I learned about the art and skill of legal writing as it relates to a professional, realistic work environment, which is invaluable.” Joanna Pearson, Federal Public Defender

“I've grown both personally and professionally through this experience. Plenty of great networking activities, lots of interesting and complex issues to research, many opportunities to shadow/observe – great, well-rounded externship!” Tara Persson, City of Tempe Attorney's Office

 “It felt so good to apply all of the knowledge I have gained during my 1L, and to make the connections between that knowledge and actual law practice. My externship experience affirmed my desire to practice law, and offered the first real opportunity to learn about my field of interest, environmental law. I will always remember my first assignments, and will forever be grateful to the attorneys who took me under their wing and served as excellent models.” Marshall Chance Peterson, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Environmental Enforcement Section

 “The externship experience provided me with the unique opportunity to learn about the law and practice. I saw my first – year classes come to life (, Con Law, Civ Pro, Crim Law) with research on varied subjects, including procedural and evidentiary issues. I was able to help prepare for trial, attend a deposition, co-counsel meetings and learned I am capable of excelling in a legal environment. Natali Segovia, ACLU of Arizona

 “The externship program has been fantastic. The ability to earn class credit while getting real life experience in a nationally recognized organization was invaluable. Not to mention the boost to my resume. Several interviewers during OCI commented that they were impressed with my experience." Andrew Sniegowski, Goldwater Institute

“This placement gives externs experience in both legal research and writing as well as in court advocacy. You will spend about 2/3 of your time in the AG's office and the remainder in court shadowing AG's. The majority of work the AG's do is acting as a liaison between parties disputing child-support and the court.” Mackenzie Woods, Arizona Attorney General’s Office – Child Support Enforcement

“My experience clerking for the Honorable Judge Suzanne E. Cohen was a life-changing experience. The courtroom observations give you a real-life illustration of a practicing family law attorney. After this experience, my desire to pursue family law has increased. I'm extremely thankful for this externship.” Caitlin Andrade, Maricopa County Superior Court, Honorable Suzanne Cohen

“I have completed five different externships and each one was a great experience. The school does a great job working with the legal community to provide varied experiences that suit all interests." William Babb, Maricopa County Superior Court, Honorable David Gass

“Excellent externship opportunity that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in natural resources law, federal Indian law, or working in a legal capacity for a federal agency in general.” Adam Bean, US Department of the Interior, Phoenix Field Office

“[This externship] has by far been the most helpful part of law school for me. School itself has helped with some legal skills, but the externship placement was the most beneficial. I am a much MUCH better researcher and writer now than I was before I started my placement. Great experience. Marcus Beecher, Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office

“My externship at Community Legal Services gave me the amazing opportunity of working directly with clients. It helped me learn the nitty gritty about filing in Family Court, and taught me things that I could never learn in a law school classroom." Elisha Dunn, Community Legal Services, East Valley

“Externship with DHS ICE has been a wonderful experience that has not only taught me the foundations of immigration law and leading cases, but helped to expel numerous myths about the agency, the immigration court, and overall Immigration process.” Giaconda Espinosa, Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement

“The externship program provides an excellent way to gain legal experience in a low stress environment. The Externship program helped me to grow confident in my legal research and writing abilities. It also helped me find my voice in court.” Kayla Evans, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

“I was exposed to various cases and was able to see them progress through federal district court. I attended oral arguments, evidentiary hearings, change of please, etc. in front of various judges. I was also given substantial research/writing projects and was able to meet/work with many different AUSA’s.”  Carrie Laliberte, U.S. Attorney’s Office-Criminal Division

“Externing in Judge Teilborg’s chambers has been one of the most educational experiences in law school. He takes a personal interest in mentoring each extern; this leads to improvement in writing, feedback on how to be a good attorney and great insight into the Judge’s thought process on attorney strategy in trial.” Andrew Lishko, United States District Court of Arizona,  Honorable James Teilborg

“My experience at the City of Tempe Attorney's office was great. The attorneys there truly care about your improvement as an attorney and an individual. In addition to completing a variety of interesting assignments, I learned a great deal about a lawyer's role in local government. I also made great contacts that I will continue to keep in touch with.” Gregory Measer, City of Tempe Attorney’s Office

“I was skeptical about whether the externship would be worth my time because it requires so many hours for each credit hour, but I quickly learned how invaluable the experience would become. I developed great relationships with several of the Court of Appeals judges – especially the one I extern for – and I learned so much about the standard of review and how to analyze a case that already has the decision below. The Court of Appeals externship is especially valuable because I got to participate in conferences, attend oral arguments, and flesh out the relative validity of arguments presented by counsel. I would recommend doing an externship, and particularly an externship at the Arizona Court of Appeals, without reservation. Cory Tyszka, Honorable Donn Kessler, Arizona Court of Appeals

“I participated in a full-time externship under the direction of Chief Judge Bullock at the ITC. The ITC is a uniquely positioned quasi-agency that has authority to ban the importation of articles that are protected domestic IP rights. In my position, I was able to draw full opinions, Markman decisions, summary judgment motions, discovery motions, and other dispositive motions from start to finish based on my own thoughts of how the issue should be decided. I received critical feedback from the Judge and his attorney advisors and could not have asked for a better externship." Casey Campbell, United States International Trade Commission, Chief Judge Bullock