II. Download, Install & Register SoftTest

The computer you want to use for exams must be connected to the Internet in order to complete the steps below.

1.) Logon to Law Interactive http://apps.law.asu.edu/Apps/Interactive go to the Exam Agreement link.

2.) Read the Exam agreement and understand that If you choose to accept the agreement you will be  billed in the amount of $50.00.

3.) Once the agreement is accepted you will be given your Examsoft ID and password. Be sure your Examsoft ID and password is readily available during exam time.

4.) To download Softest go to http://www.examsoft.com/asulaw

5.) Login under "Exam Takers" using your designated Examsoft ID and password.
6.) Click the "Download SofTest" button, then click the "Download Softest Windows" button and run the installation program.
7.) After the installation has finished, you will be prompted to register your copy of SofTest. You must be connected to the Internet. Enter the login name and password you used in step #5. You will get a message "Congratulations. SofTest is now registered."

8.) To make sure you have completed the installation and registration, open SofTest and run the Mock Exam.  If you need assistance with the installation or registration process, you can stop by the Law school IT helpdesk located in the law library.