Student Testimonials

"I find myself consistently drawing on the knowledge and skills I acquired in the Indian Legal Clinic. In my work, I follow the basic format of drafting, reviewing and revising documents (such as complaints and interrogatories) that I learned in the Clinic. I find that the work I put in then to learn how to perform these fundamental legal skills has led to greater thoroughness and accuracy in my documents now. Thank you, Indian Legal Clinic!"

Brian L. Lewis, M.A./J.D.
Class of 2009

"I came to Arizona State University College of law to pursue the Indian Legal certificate, as my goal is to help people in Indian Country pursue their interests and goals. In my pursuit of this certificate, I found the Indian Legal Clinic. Within the Clinic I have had an opportunity to work on a wide variety of cases from litigation to work on Tribal sovereignty. The Clinic has brought together my first two years of law school courses into actual practice of law in State and, most importantly, Tribal Courts. Through the Clinic, we are able to provide Indian Tribes and Members with much needed legal assistance. The Clinic provides a challenging, educational experience to those students who wish to pursue careers in Indian Law working with Tribal governments and members. I am very appreciative of those supporters who have made the Indian Legal Clinic possible at Arizona State University."

Dorinda Strmiska
Class of 2006

"The Indian Legal Clinic is a fantastic experience. What many people don't realize is that Indian law requires taking on issues in almost every practice area. In my three semesters at the ILC we had both criminal prosecution and defense work. Clients brought issues to the ILC concerning intellectual property, contracts, the Indian Child Welfare Act, elections, and drafting new laws and regulations. The ILC is the only clinic that works in both the criminal and civil areas. Further, the ILC is the only clinic that works in three court systems: state, federal and tribal. This type of wide-ranging practice is a reality for an attorney who works for a tribal government or in the area of Indian law. As I am moving into my own practice, I am really able to hit the ground running because the Indian Legal Clinic prepared me for the myriad issues I am experiencing. The Indian Legal Clinic is a must-do experience for anyone who wants to be an Indian law practitioner."

Dan Lewis