Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) at ASU College of Law is a large and active group of Native and non-Native law students. NALSA is committed to promoting the understanding of Native American cultures and legal issues affecting indigenous people. NALSA organizes community service activities, social activities, and mentorships. The student mentorships provide incoming students with academic support, advice and friendship. The ASU Chapter of NALSA is an active member of the National NALSA organization, which meets annually in Albuquerque during the Federal Indian Bar Conference. ASU NALSA members regularly hold national NALSA offices and have won several national awards for its activities and community efforts.




ASU NALSA 2015-2016 

President - Glenna Augborne
Vice-President - Danielle Finn
Secretary - Chelee John
Treasurer - Ammon Orr
Social Chair - Stephanie Sfiridis
NABA-AZ Rep - Stephanie Sfiridis


ASU NALSA 2014-2015 

President - Julianne Begay
Vice-President - Racheal White Hawk
Secretary - Glennas'ba Augborne
Treasurer - Megan James
Social Chair - Lindsey Carpenter
NABA-AZ Rep - Stephanie Sfiridis

AIC - Rudy Anaya

1L Rep - Danielle Finn


ASU NALSA 2013-2014  

President - Travis Lovett
Vice-President - Julianne Begay
Secretary -Megan Rae
Treasurer - Colin Bradley

ASU NALSA 2012-2013 
President - Lucas LaRose
Vice-President - Stephanie Skogan
Secretary - Connie Goodreau
Treasurer - Stephanie Whisnant
NABA-AZ Reps - Travis Lovett
AIC Rep – Natali Segovia
AIGSA Rep – Fernando Anzaldua

ASU NALSA 2011-2012 
President - Jacob Schellinger
Vice-President - Lucas LaRose
Secretary - Stephanie Skogan
Treasurer - Stephanie Whisnant
NABA-AZ Reps - Joe Keene & Mike Mainwold
AIC Rep – Brett Stavin
AIGSA Rep – Miguel Zarate
Golf Committee Chair – Shalanee Joyner

SU NALSA 2009-2010:

President - Derrick Beetso
Vice-President - Khia Grinnel
Secretary - Robin Commanda
Treasurer - Mandy Cisneros
American Indian Council Rep - Tahda Antone
Native American Bar Association Reps - Sean Cahill, Jason Croxton

Recent National NALSA officers include: 

2010-2011 Shalanee Joyner - Area 1 Representative
2008-2009  Nikki Borchardt - Public Relations Director
                    Brian Lewis - Area 3 Rep
2007-2008  Ann Begay - Vice President
2006-2007  Area 1 Rep., Mary Modrich-AlvaradoNALSA
                 Area 7 Rep., Matt Campbell
2005-2006  ABA Rep., April Olson
                 Dist. 5 Rep, Steve Bodmer
2004-2005  Pres., Chris Clark
                 V. P., Elizabeth Cheney
                 P. R. Dir., George Patton 
                 ABA Rep., Diandra Benally
2003-2004  Vice President, Chris Clark
                 Area 1 Rep., George Patton
                 Public Relations, Elizabeth Cheney
2002-2003  Secretary, Hilary Martin
                 ABA Representative, Dawn Bitz
2001-2002  President, Denise Winn
                 Public Relations Dir., Katosha Nakai

ASU NALSA Chapter's National awards include:

2011 Sean Cahill - 3L of the year
2011 Allison Binney - Alumna of the year

2010 Ann Marie Downes  -  Alumna of the Year   
2010 Robin Commanda  -  2L of the Year  

2009  Khia Grinnell  - 1L of the Year
2009  Nikki Borchardt   -3L of the Year
2009  Marlene Jones ('97), Alumna of the Year

2008  Jason Croxton, 1L of the Year
2008  Ray Campbell, 2L of the Year
2008  Jerome Clark, 3L of the Year
2008  Rose Quilt ('06), Alumna of the Year

2006  Outstanding 1L of the Year, Sebastian Zavala

2005  Outstanding 1L of the Year, Denise Hosay
2005  Outstanding 2L of the Year, Rose Quilt
2005  Outstanding 3L of the Year, Derrick Burbank

2004  National NALSA 2L of Year Award - Diandra Benally

2003  National NALSA Writing Competition Runner-Up - Katosha Nakai
2003  National NALSA 2L of Year Award - Quannah Gee
2002 National NALSA Chapter of the Year Award
2002 National NALSA 1L of the Year Award - Quannah Gee
2002 National NALSA 3L of the Year Award - Maude Blair
2002 National NALSA Moot Court Winners - Monica Garcia and Marnie Hodahkwen

2001 National NALSA Chapter of the Year Award
2001 National NALSA 2L of the Year Award - Monica Garcia