Forthcoming Articles

As of Sept. 10, 2014  

  • Jonathan M. Barnett, From Patent Thickets to Patent Networks: The Legal Infrastructure of the Digital Economy
  • Michael Birnhack, Eran Toch, & Irit Hadar: Privacy Mindset, Technological Mindset
  • Juscelino F. Colares and Kosta Ristovski, Pleading Patterns and the Role of Litigation as a Driver of Federal Climate Legislation
Notes & Comments       
  • Lauren A. Ferrigni, The Use of Nanotechnology within the Solar Industry: A Sustainability Perspective
  • Kellie Manders, With a Life on the Line, Emerging Technologies Can Contribute in the Determination of Intellectual Disability in Capital Sentencing
  • Lauren Stewart, The Helpfulness of Copyright Misuse in DMCA Circumvention
Book Reviews
  • Kitty Genovese: The Murder, the Bystanders, the Crime that Changed America by Kevin Cook. Reviewed by Jon M. Sands and Katherine Hanna
  • Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle by Stuart P. Green. Reviewed by Jon M. Sands
Film Review
  • FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement directed by Regan BrashearReviewed by Maxwell J. Mehlman