Student Testimonials


Vivian Corral-Nava
Class of 2012

(pictured with EEOC Chair, Jacqueline A. Berrien)

 "All law students should take advantage of a clinical experience. My doctrinal classes are the foundation of my legal training, but my experience in the Civil Justice Clinic at ASU was and always will be the heart of it."  Read more...


Andy Gaona
Class of 2010

"I strongly suggest a semester in the Civil Justice Clinic.  Doctrinal law school classes certainly have their advantages and can be interesting, but working on real cases and helping real people is what law school should really be about."  Read more...



Joy Garvey
Class of 2005

"I continue to make civil justice clinic my top recommendation to all aspiring attorneys.   I maintain wonderful memories and friendships. I credit it as the single reason that I am still a practicing attorney. As an inexperienced associate, the job can be overwhelming at times for a multitude of reasons. The Clinic is my beacon to an ideal practice." Read more...