The Center organizes and academic and policy conferences focusing on global politics and international and transnational law. Recent conferences focus on global governance, international intellectual property law, the law and ethics of directed energy weapons, combating human trafficking and the law and policy implications of drone use in modern warfare. These events build on faculty research interests, stimulate innovative policy discussions and forge connections between the Center and a variety of domestic and international partners. Center conferences are often organized in association with partners at the College of Law, including the Center for Law, Science & Innovation, and other ASU partners such as the Security Defense Systems Initiative as well as external partners including the American Society for International Law and the New America Foundation.

Below is a list of Center conferences. More information on each conference can be found by clicking on the conference poster and/or title.
April 19, 2013
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Tempe, AZ
This interdisciplinary conference reflects on the development of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, formally recognizing the legal rights of indigenous peoples and consider how international law and the Declaration can be used by indigenous people and others in the U.S. to develop a more just federal Indian policy for the future.

November 30 – December 1, 2012
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Tempe, AZ
Scholars from around the world meet to discuss the influence of intellectual property law on international relations and international law. The event is designed for academics and practitioners and covers issues related to trademark disputes, cultural claims, transnational liability and emerging technologies.
November 3, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
This conference looks at the interactions of different scales of global governance, bringing together top scholars to discuss the importance of emerging public/private relations and the ways in which international bodies interact and engage with local, small-scale and independent organizations.
February 17, 2012
SkySong, Scottsdale, AZ
This conference links legal experts, social scientists, technologists and representatives of the military to explore the legal, policy and ethical issues associated with the use of directed energy weapons, from lasers to microwave pulses, which have the potential to substantially alter modern warfare.
March 11, 2011
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Tempe, AZ

This conference links scholars, government officials, activists, law enforcement representatives and social service providers to discuss how federal, state and international law can be used to combat human trafficking with a special focus on prosecutions.

February 24, 2011
New America Foundation, Washington, DC
In this conference, scholars, military lawyers, policy analysts and journalists reflect on on the current and future use of drones with a focus onhow new and emerging military technologies challenge existing understandings of the laws of war.