First Annual Workshop on International and Transnational Law

"Seeing Beyond the Limits of International Law"

Paul Schiff Berman
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


State-Building, Democratization and “Politics as Technology”

Nehal Bhuta
Assistant Professor of International Affairs
The New School for Public Engagement


Measurement, Reporting and Verification in a Post-2012 Climate Agreement

Clare Breidenich
Climate Policy Consultant
Sole Proprietorship 

Daniel Bodansky
Lincoln Professor of Law, Ethics, and Sustainability
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


Anthropology in and of the academy: globalization, assessment and our field’s future

Don Brenneis
Professor of Anthropology
University of California, Santa Cruz


Rethinking Africa through its Exclusions: The Politics of Naming Criminal Responsibility

Kamari Clarke
Professor of Anthropology
University of California, Santa Cruz


Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance: A Research Agenda

Kevin E. Davis
Vice Dean, Beller Family Professor of Business Law,
New York University School of Law

Benedict Kingsbury
Murry and Ida Becker Professor of Law, Director, Institute for International Law and Justice,
New York University School of Law


Military Lawyers on the Battlefield: An Empirical Account of International Law Compliance

Laura A. Dickinson
Professor of Law
Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


Human Rights along the Grapevine: The Ethnography of Transnational Norms

Mark Goodale
Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Anthropology
The School of Conflict Analysis & Resolution
George Mazon University


Opting Out: Derogations From Human Rights Treaties in National Emergencies

Emile Hafner-Burton
Associate Professor & Director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation
University of California, San Diego 

Laurence R. Helfer
Harry R. Chadwick, Sr. Professor of Law
Duke University School of Law 

Christopher J. Fariss
Professor of Political Science,
University of California, San Diego


Seeing Double: Human Rights Impact through Qualitative and Quantitative Eyes

James Ron
Stassen Chair for International Affairs,
University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs


Do Victims of War Need International Law? Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention in Authoritarian Sudan

Mark Fathi Massoud
Assistant Professor
Department of Politics
University of California, Santa Cruz


Re-Regulating Offshore Finance?

Bill Maurer
Director, Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion
University of California, Irvine


Measuring the World: Indicators, Human Rights, and Global Governance

Sally Engle Merry
Professor of Anthropology, Law and Society
New York University


Balancing International Justice in the Balkans: Surrogate Enforcers, Uncertain Transitions, and the Road to Europe

Victor Peskin
Assistant Professor
School of Global Studies, ASU

Mieczyslaw Boduszynski, Supported Research Scholar
East European
Wilson Center


The Purpose and Character of Human Rights Indicators

Hans-Otto Sano
Senior Research and Development Analyst
Danish Centre for Human Rights


Why Culture Matters In International Institutions: The Marginality of Human Rights at the World Bank

Galit A. Sarfaty
Fellow, Program on the Legal Profession
Harvard Law School


Front Matter: The Illusiveness of Counting “Victims” and the Concreteness of Ranking Countries: Trafficking in Persons from Colombia to Japan

Kay B. Warren
Director, Pembroke Center
Brown University