Phoenix Council on Foreign Relations' Honorary Student Membership

The PCFR Honorary Student Member (HSM) Program is designed to expose graduate students who are majoring in international related businesses/law, and who plan to stay in the Metro Phoenix area, with the mission and programs of the PCFR. They have the opportunity to be a member for 1 year with the ability to attend monthly program at no charge. This membership is highly selective and is only open to 7 to 9 students a year.

HSM participation requirements include the following attributes:

  • Must be enrolled as an active student.
  • Be committed to attending 75% of calendar year meetings.
  • Be willing to be profiled in PCFR news letter.
  • Participate in a PCFR community blog related to PCFR activities.
  • Open to paring with a mentor of interest.
  • Be committed to potential membership post HSM eligibility.
  • Have an interest in international/global affairs that can impact US, AZ, etc..
  • Be willing to work on an HSM led team charted to deliver a specified program funded by PCFR under the supervision of the HSM Chair.
  • Be willing to give a short testimony in front of the general PCFR quorum.

Application Process:

  1. Review the organizations website at
  2. The application process involves completion of an application form that must include an up to date Curriculum Vitae plus a brief statement why the prospective HSM candidate is interested in the program. (add bio to application)
  3. Applications and questions regarding the application process should be directed to the HSM Chairman

      Steven W. Ranes
    1250 W. Washington St.
    Tempe, AZ. 85281
    STE 101

  4. Letters inviting HSM applicants are mailed out to respective school contacts.
  5. Applicants are screened against the outlined attributes. The screening process includes a phone conversation between the HSM Chair and the applicant to validate identification and personal commitment to the program.
  6. A list of the applicants is presented to the Membership Committee by the HSM chair with a proposal of who the best 10 candidates are and why.
  7. The Membership Committee assists in ratifying the selected candidates and a final list is compiled for communication to the wider PCFR community.
  8. Selected HSM new members are notified via PCFR letter head email CC to the Executive Director and PCFR President and the respective school representative.
  9. Disposition of applicants who do not make the cut is done via a PCFR letter head email CC to the respective school representative.
  10. One week following closure of the application process, a follow-up letter welcoming the new HSMs is sent out inviting the HSMs to a mixer (happy hour) at a venue chosen by the HSM Chair and communicated to the Membership Committee. The letter also reminds the HSMs of any upcoming general meetings that they are invited to enroll for via the PCFR website.