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This guide is designed to assist patrons in locating legal forms.  Resources containing both general and subject-specific forms are listed.  Many of these resources are available in the Ross-Blakley Law Library; electronic sources are also listed.  Call numbers on this page link to library catalog records that provide information about location, availability, and currency of each item. Where available, there are parallel links to electronic versions of the sources in commercial databases.

Access to Westlaw and LexisNexis databases listed in this guide require an individual password.   Loislaw also requires a password, which can be obtained by College of Law faculty, staff, and students via ASURITE


General Legal Forms         

West's Legal Forms (West Publishing Co., current)

KF 170 W47 and WestlawNext

This multi-volume set provides customizable forms on a large variety of topics, as well as expert commentary, analysis, checklists, and library references. 


American Jurisprudence Legal Forms (West Publishing Co., current)

KF170 .A542 and WestlawNext

Am Jur Legal Forms is a comprehensive set of legal forms that contains form drafting guides, notes on use, and many sample forms. 

Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated (West Publishing Co., current)


This multivolume set of legal forms covers over 230 topics.  It includes sample forms, checklists, questionnaires, and tax information related to transactional legal relationships.  


Legal Checklists: Specially Selected Forms (West Publishing Co., current)

Legal Checklists provides detailed drafting outlines and related forms in a multitude of practice areas including business organizations, real estate transactions, intellectual property, estate planning, and matrimony.


General Legal Forms — Arizona

Arizona Legal Forms (West Publishing Co., current)

KFA2468 .A75 and WestlawNext

Arizona Legal Forms is a set of over 5,500 pleading and practice forms specific to Arizona.


Legal Forms Websites


LLRX is a free website that offers state and federal forms.  The site can be browsed and searched by keyword. 

LawInfo provides free legal forms on a variety of topics and for multiple jurisdictions.


Law Guru Legal Forms

This website  provides free legal forms and sample form letters covering many subjects.


U.S. Courts: Forms

This official Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts website provides access to federal court forms.


U.S. Legal Forms 

U.S. Legal Forms provides state-specific forms for purchase.


Legal Forms Websites — Arizona       

Arizona Judicial Branch: Self-Service Forms

The Arizona Judicial Branch website provides access to forms for persons representing themselves in court.


Maricopa County Superior Court: Self-Service Center

Maricopa County Superior Court makes a number of court-specific forms available on its website.


Pima County Superior Court: Self-Service Forms

Pima County Superior Court makes a number of court-specific forms available on its website.


Maricopa County Justice Courts: Forms

The Maricopa County Justice Courts make a number of court-specific forms available on its website.


Alternative Dispute Resolution       

Alternative Dispute Resolution with Forms (Jay E. Grenig, Thomson West, 2005)

KF9084 .G7 2005 and WestlawNext


American Arbitration Association Forms Search

Art Law

Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists (Ralph E. Lerner & Judith Bresler, Practising Law Institute, 2005)

KF4288.Z9 L47 2005



Banking and Lending Institution Forms: With Commentary and Checklists (Jacob W. Reby and James A. Douglas, A.S. Pratt, 2011)
KF972.5 .B26



U.S. Courts: Bankruptcy Forms 

Bankruptcy Code, Rules, and Forms
(West Publishing Co., current
KF1511.596 .A2

Collier on Bankruptcy (Lawrence P. King, ed., Matthew Bender, 2010)
KF1524 .C6 1996 and Lexis

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 3d (West Publishing Co., current)


Business Organizations/Corporations

The Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations (R. Franklin Balotti & Jesse A. Finkelstein, Aspen Law & Business, current)

KFD213 .B35 1997 and WestlawNext


Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated (Callaghan, current)

KF1411 .F55 1979 and WestlawNext 


Businesses/Corporations — Arizona

Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual (Richard C. Onsager, Data Trace Pub. Co., current)

KFA2607.5 .A65 O57 


Arizona Corporate Practice (Terence W. Thompson, West Publishing Co., current)

KFA2469 .A75 vols. 6–7 and WestlawNext


Arizona Corporation Commission

Corporation forms, Limited Liability Company forms, and various other forms are available on the website of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Civil Rights       

Section 1983 Litigation: Forms (John W. Witt, Edward J. Hanlon & Stephen M. Ryals, Wiley Law Publications, 2005)

KF1325 .C58 W57 1994 


Computer Law       

Computer Software: Protection Liability, Law, Forms (L.J. Kutten, Thomson West, current)

KF3024 .C6 K88 and WestlawNext


Construction Law       

Construction and Development Forms: Planning, Financing, Building (James A. Douglas and Jeanne O'Neill, West Group, 2003)
KF902.A D675


Construction Law — Arizona       

Arizona Construction Law (Thomas C. Horne, State Bar of Arizona, 2010)

KFA2675 .H67 1994 and Loislaw 

Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual (Robert O. Dyer, David C. Tierney, et. al. eds., State Bar of Arizona, 2011)

KFA2675 .A974 2011


Consumer Credit       

Truth-in-Lending Manual: Text and Forms (Ralph C. Clontz Jr., A.S. Pratt & Sons Group, current)

KF1040 .C54 1998


Criminal Law       

Complete Manual of Criminal Forms (F. Lee Bailey & Kenneth J. Fishman, Clark Boardman Callaghan, current)

KF9616 .B3 1993 and WestlawNext



Debtor/Creditor Law       

Debtor-Creditor Law (Barry L. Fisher, Aileen M. Jenner, eds., Matthew Bender, current)

KF1501.A6 D4 and LexisNexis


Disability Law       

Social Security Claims and Procedures ( Harvey L. McCormick, West Publishing Co., current)

KF3649 .M27 2009


Domestic Relations       

Modern Child Custody Practice (Jeff Atkinson, Matthew Bender & Co., current)

KF505.5 .A98 2000 and LexisNexis


Domestic Relations — Arizona       

Marriage Dissolution Practice (Charles Marshall Smith & Irwin Cantor, West Publishing Co., current)

KFA2469 .A75 v.3 and WestlawNext


Community Property Law (Thomas A. Jacobs, West Publishing Co., current)

KFA2469 .A75 v.4 and WestlawNext

Maricopa Superior Court Self-Service Center: Family Court Forms 


Driving Under the Influence       

Drunk Driving Defense (Lawrence Taylor & Steven Oberman, Aspen Publishers, current)

KF2231 .T39 2010


Arizona DUI Trial Notebook (Bruce H. Chalk, Christina Cabanillas, C. Daniel Carrion & Daniel S. Jurkowitz, State Bar of Arizona, 2012)

KFA2697.8.A75 A7 2012 and Loislaw 


Elder Law       

Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client: Legal Health Care, Financial, and Estate Planning (Lawrence A. Frolik & Melissa C. Brown, West Publishing Co., current)



Eminent Domain Law       

Nichols' The Law of Eminent Domain (Julius L. Sackman, Matthew Bender, current)

KF5599 .A6 S3 1964 and LexisNexis


Eminent Domain in Arizona (Robert V. Kerrick, Jennifer A. Ratcliff & Nancy M. Riske, State Bar of Arizona, 2013)

KFA2850.A9 K477 2013 and Loislaw 


Employment Law

 Manual on Employment Discrimination Law and Civil Rights Actions in the Federal Courts (Charles R. Richey, Clark Boardman Callaghan, current)

KF3464 .R53 1994 and WestlawNext


Employment Discrimination Handbook (American Bar Association, 2010)

KF3464 .E48 2010


Entertainment Law       

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts 3d (Alexander Lindey, West Publishing Co., current)

KF2992 .L5 2004 and WestlawNext


Federal Procedural Forms       

Federal Procedural Forms, Lawyers Edition (Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co., current)

KF8836 .F4 and WestlawNext


West's Federal Forms (West Publishing Co., current)

KF8836 .W473 and WestlawNext


American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated (Bancroft-Whitney Co., current)

KF8868.1 .A54 and WestlawNext


Bender's Forms of Discovery (Matthew Bender, current)

KF8900.A3 B45 and LexisNexis


U.S Court of Appeals—9th Circuit Forms



Gay Rights       

Sexual Orientation and the Law (National Lawyers Guild, Anti-Sexism Committee of San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, West Publishing Co., current)

KF4754.5 .S49 and WestlawNext


Immigration Law       

Immigration Law and Procedure (Charles Gordon, Stanley Mailman & Stephen Yale-Loehr, Matthew Bender, current)

KF4819 .G6 1988 and LexisNexis


Immigration Procedures Handbook (Clark Boardman Callaghan, current)

KF4819 .I484 and WestlawNext


Insurance Law       

Holmes's Appleman on Insurance 2d (Eric Mills Holmes & Mark S. Rhodes, West Publishing Co., current)

KF1164 .A7 1996 


Couch on Insurance 3d (George J. Couch, Clark Boardman Callaghan, current)

KF1164 .C6 1995 and WestlawNext


Arizona Department of Insurance

Labor Law       

Industrial Commission of Arizona


Legal Ethics       

Legal Malpractice (Ronald E. Mallen & Jeffrey M. Smith, Thomson West, current)

KF313 .M29 and WestlawNext


Municipal Law       

Municipal Ordinances: Text and Forms (Thomas A. Matthews & Byron S. Matthews, Clark Boardman Callaghan, current)

KF5313 .M3



U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Personal Injury

Stein on Personal Injury Damages (Jacob A. Stein, West Publishing Co., current)
KF1257 .S7 and WestlawNext


Probate Law — Arizona       

2014 Probate Code Practice Manual (State Bar of Arizona, 2014)

KFA2544 .A97 2014 and Loislaw 


Real Estate       

Commercial Real Estate Law Practice Manual: With Forms (James P. McAndrews, American Bar Association, 2009)
KF572.M38 2009


The Lease Manual: A Practical Guide to Negotiating Office, Retail, and Industrial Leases (Rodney J. Dillman, American Bar Association, 2007)

KF593.C6 D55 2007


Real Property — Arizona       

Commonly Used Forms (Arizona Association of Realtors, 2008)

KFA2682.R4 C6 2008


Arizona Association of Realtors

Contains sample real estate forms in PDF format. 


Remedies — Arizona 

Arizona Civil Remedies (State Bar of Arizona, 2011)

KFA2497 .A955 2011 and Loislaw 


Retirement Pensions       

Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans (Gary I. Boren, West Publishing Co., 2013)

KF3509 .B67 and WestlawNext


Secured Transactions

Documenting Secured Transactions: Effective Drafting and Litigation

(William C. Hillman, Practicing Law Institute, current)
KF1048.4 H54


Securities Law       

Securities Regulation: Selected Statutes, Rules, and Forms (West Publishing Co., 2013)

KF1433.99 .S4 


Blue Sky Law Reporter: State Blue Sky Laws, Legal Investment Laws, Regulations, Forms, Lists (Commerce Clearing House, 2012)

KF1436.5 .B49 


Federal Securities Law Reporter: Federal Regulation of Securities; Laws, Regulations, Forms, Rulings, and Decisions (Commerce Clearing House, 2013)

KF1436.5 .F42 

Securities Law — Arizona

Arizona Corporation Commission

Tax Law       

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


State Tax Forms 


Trial Practice       

Effective Depositions (Henry L. Hecht, ed., American Bar Association, 2010)

KF8900 .E35 2010


Trial Practice — Arizona       

Arizona Appellate Handbook (State Bar of Arizona, 2014)

KFA2955 .A97 and Loislaw  


Civil Trial Practice (Daniel J. McAuliffe & Shirley J. Wahl, West Publishing Co., 2014)

KFA2469 .A75 v.2 & 2A and WestlawNext


Arizona Litigation Guide (Law Firm of Fennemore Craig, 2002)

KFA2930 .A85 2002


Wills and Trusts       

The Law of Trusts and Trustees (Amy Morris Hess, George Gleason Bogert & George Taylor Bogert, West Group, current)

KF730 .B6 2000 and WestlawNext


Estate Planning Forms (Rush L. Hunt, American Bar Association, 2009)

KF748.1 .H86 2009


Estate Planning Law and Taxation (David Westfall and George Mair, Warren, Gorham & Lamont 2001, Supp. 2013)

KF750 .W47 2001 and on WestlawNext


Zoning and Land Use Law       

Zoning Law and Practice (E.C. Yokey, Michi Co., 2014)

KF5698 .Y6 1978 and LexisNexis


Land Use Practice and Forms: Handling the Land Use Case (John J. Delaney, et al., Clark Boardman Callaghan, 2004)

KF5698 .D45 and WestlawNext


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