Pacing Workshop / March 6, 2012

Gary Marchant
Workshop Organizer

This is the third workshop in ASU’s “Pacing Project,” an NSF-funded collaboration between the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s Center for Law, Science & Innovation and ASU’s Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics.  The project seeks to study the problem and propose solutions for the inability of our legal processes to keep pace with rapidly emerging technologies. 

Pacing Governance with Technology

 Schedule & Attendee List


David Sandidge, Responsible Care

Jennifer Kuzma, Properly Paced or Problematic:  Learning from the Coordinated Framework for Biotech

Brad Allenby, Institutional and Governance Redesign in Response to Complexity

Timothy Malloy, Integrating Technology Evaluation into Government Technology Policy

Marc Saner, How Far Upstream Do We Need To Go When Our Aim Is To Connect Downstream Regulation With Upstream Invention?

David Guston, Anticipatory Governance

Wendell Wallach and Gary Marchant, Proposal for a Governance Coordination Committee