Research Clusters

The Center has organized five new clusters to start Fall 2012. The new structure is as follows:

  • Each cluster is being offered as an advanced research class (LAW 791, Sections 26-30), for which enrolled students will be able to earn one credit per semester
  • It is expected that students who register for Fall semester will continue in the cluster through the next semester, registering for Spring 2013 as well
  • The course also will qualify as a core course toward earning the Law, Science & Technology Certificate
  • Papers prepared for the course may fulfill the substantial writing requirement for graduation if they meet all other requirements

Registration in each section will be limited to five students—2Ls and 3Ls only—selected through an application process.  Cluster groups will meet on a regular basis, about every two weeks, at a time determined by the instructor, who will try to accommodate cluster members’ schedules.  Students enrolled in the class will be required to attend sessions, conduct legal research, present their research to the group, and produce substantive written work product.   Students not enrolled in the class can still attend cluster sessions to learn and collaborate on research for their own projects for journals or other classes.  1Ls and 2Ls who regularly attend cluster sessions, though not enrolled for course credit, will be given preference for selection to be enrolled the following year.   

The following five Research Clusters are being offered:

LAW 791, Section  26       Adv Research: LSI – Public Health / James Hodge Jr.

LAW 791, Section  27       Adv Research: LSI – Emerging Technologies / Gary Marchant

LAW 791, Section  28       Adv Research: LSI – Sustainability / Kris Mayes

LAW 791, Section  29       Adv Research: LSI – Personalized Medicine / Gary Marchant

LAW 791, Section  30       Adv Research: LSI – Info. & Commc’n Tech. / Josh Abbott

Feel free to contact one of the instructors listed above for more information about the individual clusters.  All those interested in being considered for enrollment please contact Debb Relph at for application.