Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about Moot Court. Who should I contact?

E-mail the Moot Court Board and one of our members will answer all of your questions.

Do I have to "join" Moot Court?

No. Moot Court does not require a membership, and there are no dues to pay. There are 22 Moot Court Board members, selected by an annual interview process, who organize the internal Moot Court competitions.
Will I have time to participate in Moot Court events and keep up with my class work during my 1L year?
Although it depends on your extracurricular commitments, most students find that there is ample time for at least one Moot Court competition per semester. Please feel free to discuss time commitment with the competition coordinator for each of our competitions.
What is the benefit of my participation in Moot Court?

There are numerous benefits to participating in Moot Court:
  • NO GRADE: Moot Court activities are not graded, so you can gain practical lawyering skills without worrying about your GPA.
  • NETWORKING: Attorneys and judges from the legal community are the judges for each of our four competitions and there is always time to interact with the judges when they provide you feedback, as well as after the competition.
  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Attorneys from the community act as judges in each of the four competitions and often look for talented young students who may be interested in working in their firm, agency, or organization.
  • RESUME BUILDER: Employers look for students who list Moot Court experience on their resume; firms specifically ask for students who have Moot Court experience during on campus interviewing (OCI) in the fall semester of your second year.
  • SKILL BUILDING: 1L students are required to give an oral argument during their second semester in their Legal Writing class. The Oral Argument competition, held in the spring semester prior to graded oral arguments, is a wonderful way to get your feet wet and get expert advice from attorneys to help you boost your score during your graded oral arguments.
Where can I learn more about Moot Court activities?

Please come visit us in the Moot Court office, located in the library basement next to Jurimetrics and Law Journal.

How will I know when there are competitions scheduled?

Watch for our e-mails and posts in the Daily Disclosure, flyers posted around school, and our calendar. Always feel free to e-mail a Board Member to ask about upcoming competitions.