Ferguson-Bohnee quoted in Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Patty Ferguson-Bohnee

Professor Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, faculty director of the Indian Legal Program, was quoted in a July 10 article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Tribes Seek Speedier Federal Recognition."

The article discusses the challenges tribes face to get recognized by the federal government and the changes proposed by the Obama administration that could make the process easier and faster.

Under the new rules, tribes would need only to demonstrate their community and influence since 1934, the year Congress passed the Indian Reorganization Act, which granted tribes more power as sovereign nations. 

Ferguson-Bohnee, a member of the Pointe-au-Chien, said under existing law it is difficult for poor tribes such as hers, which sustains itself on farming and fishing, to take on years of complex anthropological research.

"People across all areas of government have recognized that this a broken process," Ferguson Bohnee said.

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