A note from Rebecca Bair, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement


“We don’t climb the ladder of success alone. We stand on the shoulders of hundreds who have sacrificed and paved the way for us and what a better way to repay those brave and wonderful souls than to give something back.” –C.A. Wright, Lawyer

Rebecca Bair

A great law school cannot realize and maintain its ambitions without vigorous private support from alumni and friends. In times of shrinking government support for public higher education, private support becomes even more critical. Gifts at every level are very much appreciated, and the cumulative effect of all unrestricted gifts makes a measurable and meaningful difference in the quality and capacity of our College.

I hear recurring themes in my daily meetings with College of Law alumni:  the professors—as well as many of my classmates at the College — brought out the best in me and challenged me to work at my optimum level. It made a difference for me.

In economic downturns it may almost seem natural to draw back charitable support, even from those organizations that mean the most to us, but we need to resist that inclination.  With our sights clearly set on the future, we need to rise to the challenge and continue to pave the way for those that follow and who are currently paying much more for higher education than most of us did.  There are many ways each and every one of us, alumni and friends, can make a difference and give back to the College. Consider where you are and how you can advance the giving cycle for the College and its many talented students.Generosity leads to opportunity

…Opportunity can lead to prosperity

                        …Prosperity often leads to gratitude

                                    …Gratitude is the “memory of the heart”

                                                And the cycle continues…. (Gaudiani, 2003)


For more information on how you can get involved in alumni activities or continue the giving cycle by making a current or planned gift to the College of Law, please feel free to contact me, Rebecca Bair, PhD, Director of Institutional Advancement at 480.727.0645 or Rebecca.Bair@asu.edu.

“I am glad that my contribution will continue to make the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law more accessible to talented students.” – Thomas E. Littler, Class of 1981, Shareholder, Gordon Silver

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