Project on Federalism and Separation of Powers in a Global Era

Ruth V. McGregor
Distinguished Jurist in Residence

The Project on Federalism and Separation of Powers in a Global Era will investigate the new inter-governmental structures that are forming and develop cutting-edge ideas and policy recommendations for managing these emerging relationships. Topics for exploration may include:  

  • the appropriate spheres of federal and state authority with regard to stimulus projects
  • the costs to the states and management of various health insurance proposals
  • state implementation of and resistance to international law norms
  • the bifurcation of power regarding immigration
  • comparative analyses of other federal systems around the globe 

The program is led by Ruth V. McGregor, one of Arizona’s most respected and experienced judges, who served on the Arizona Supreme Court from 1998 - 2009, and was Chief Justice frin 2005-2009. She will teach a Human Trafficking Seminar in spring 2011 and co-convene a conference on that topic with U.S. Supreme Court Justice O’Connor (ret.).

The conference, Combating Human Trafficking: How Cordinating International, Federal and State Law Can Prevent and Punish Exploitation While Protecting Victims, will be held March 11.