Materials posted here include model public health laws, presentations, articles, books, and reports.

Model Public Health Laws:

  • Turning Point Model State Public Health Act - Beginning in 2000, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded a multi-disciplinary group as part of its Turning Point Initiative from five states (Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin), multiple national organizations and governmental agencies to conceive and draft a comprehensive model state public health act.  In August 2003, the group released its final draft of the Turning Point Model State Public Health Act. The Turning Point Act offers model public health legislative provisions based on best practices for state, local, and tribal governments seeking to revise or update their public health laws.

  • Model State Public Health Privacy Act - Developed in 1999 with support from CDC and with significant input from an expert advisory group, the MSPHPA addresses privacy and security issues arising from the acquisition, use, disclosure, and storage of identifiable health information by public health agencies at the state and local levels. The Act regulates the handling of identifiable, health-related information by public health agencies without significantly limiting the ability of these agencies to use such information for legitimate public health purposes.


  • Public Health Practice v. Research, Committee on Health Research and the Privacy of Health Information: The HIPAA Privacy Rule, Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC (2/14/08)


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