Information for clients

ATTENTION: It is important to review the IAP Structure and Services  page before reviewing this page.

The IAP has worked with a variety of companies and provided a variety of services since switching to the current program model in 2008.  As a prospective client, this page will provide you with information you will need to determine if you are a good fit for the program and if IAP services are a good fit for you.

Application Process

The IAP accepts new legal and consulting clients five times per year – mid-August, mid-October, early January, early March, and late May.  These acceptance dates conform to the Fall semester having two eight week project terms (starting mid-August and mid-October), the Spring having two eight week project terms (starting early January and early March), and a ten week summer session (starting late May/early June).

You can find the IALC application here. You can find the IAC application here.

If you choose to submit an application for either or both programs, the process for being accepted will first involve a review of the application(s) by IAP Staff.  If the staff member believes the application is a strong one that merits further consideration, an intake interview is generally scheduled as the next step.  If you are chosen as a client, you will be notified by IAP Faculty or Staff approximately ten days before the semester begins.  You will be asked to reply to confirm your acceptance of the invitation to become a client.

Please note that applications that are only partially completed may not receive consideration for the project term for which they were originally submitted and may be returned to the submitter for completion.

Selection Criteria

IAP Faculty and Staff make decisions regarding which prospective clients will be invited to become clients of the IAP.  The criteria used when evaluating prospective clients is as follows: 

  • Financial Need: clients that can afford to work with local attorneys and consultants will be asked to do so.  The IAP’s services are meant for clients that cannot otherwise afford these critical professional services.
  • Technology-Based Company: Prospective clients do not necessarily need to be high tech or cutting edge, but technology should play an important part in the business’ potential success.  For example, we would not accept a corner restaurant as a client, unless the restaurant plans to implement a proprietary technological advancement (e.g. smart phone-based ordering system) to differentiate it from other corner restaurants.
  • Potential for Growth and Hiring: We will give preference to prospective clients with potential to grow and hire people, especially Arizona based growth and hiring. This means that lifestyle businesses that simply provide income for the owners are not favored.
  • Arizona-Based or Affiliated Companies: As we are a program supported by Arizona State University, we will give preference to prospective clients that are residents of the state or have a strong affiliation with the state.
  • Services Needed/Requested: Prospective clients that require services best suited to IAP goals and objectives will receive preference in the client selection process.  For example, prospective clients seeking information on their competitors will receive preference over those that wish to have the IAP students act as a sales force for the prospective client (we do not do sales!).
  • ASU Student, Professor, or Alumni: When choosing between otherwise equally qualified prospective clients, preference will be given to ASU students, professors, and alumni.

Program Fees

The IAP generally charges Program Fees that are used to support the day-to-day operation of the program.  The fee can be waived for clients in serious financial need and the amount of the fee will depend on each client’s particular situation or resources.  The Program Fees for each client will be communicated as part of the invitation to become a client approximately ten days before the beginning of the semester.

Statement of Work/Scope of the Engagement

The scope of the services that will be provided to you will be determined as part of the initial project meeting with the IAP students and IAP Faculty.  Often, the initial meeting uncovers that the services requested by the client are not the most critical services for the client to receive. After the initial meeting, the assigned student team will ask each client to sign an Engagement Agreement that will detail the services that will be provided. Clients will have significant input into the finalized statement of work.


IAP students are required to sign a confidentiality agreement in which they agree to abide by confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements signed between the IAC and IAC clients. The IAC has a non-disclosure agreement that can be used or, if the client prefers to use their own agreement, that possibility can be explored.  Please note that the IAC, as a program run by a state agency, many provisions cannot be agreed to because they go against various provisions of state law.

Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements are generally not necessary for IALC engagements because the relationship is covered by attorney-client privilege.

Other Questions and/or Feedback

You can obtain additional information or provide feedback by contacting Suzanne Lynn at