Connecting From Home

Faculty & Staff can connect to their office computer from home by setting up a Virtual Private Network.  You'll find the instructions on how to do this below.  You will want to make sure you leave your computer powered on when you leave the law school or you will not be able to connect to your office computer.

Installing Cisco Any Connect VPN:
  • You will be redirected to an ASU login page.  Sign in with your ASURITE.
  • The Installation will automatically begin. You may see a drop down window indicating it wants approval to install an Active X script.  Select YES.

  • You will get a confirmation page indicating it has been installed successfully.  Open the Cisco VPN and type where it says "Connect" and then enter your ASU User Name and Password.  Once connected, you will see a small lock in your system tray.


  • To disconnect, right click the system tray icon (small lock) and select QUIT.


STEP 2: Connecting to your computer

  • Open Remote Desktop Connection.  This program is located under All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
You may need to click expand, options, or advanced for it to look like this

  • You will need to replace the XXX with your work PC name (Ex:  EMP330)
  • User Name will be your ASURITE ID (Ex: ASURITE\UserName)
  • Click Save so you don't have to do this part again.
  • Click Connect to get into your office computer.
    • Hover your mouse at the top of your screen to display the Remote Desktop options (Close/Minimize/etc). This is where you click to exit the remote connection.


You MUST have the Cisco VPN software running to connect to your office pc!

Please call us at 480-965-8181 if you are having issues connecting or wish to hear about other possible connection options.