Connecting to the Internet

The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law offers high speed network connections for students with laptops.  These connections will allow you to:

  • Access the Internet
  • Check your email
  • Print to the lab printers
  • Access your H Drive
  • Perform legal research

In order to guarantee service availability for the network, only ASU Affiliates with valid ASURITE IDs can gain access.  Before access is allowed, you must register your network card with the university.  This can be done at:

Wired Ethernet Network

To utilize the wired network, you must have a working 10/100 Ethernet Card in your laptop and a suitable Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Ethernet connections are available in the Ross-Blakley Law Library.  Below are maps of the library's active Ethernet connections. Instructions for configuring your laptop are available in the Self-Help section of the web site.
(Please click on a map to see the full-size version)

First Floor Second Floor Third Floor


Carrels and Rooms with active Ethernet connections

Carrel Name/Number


John A. Hink study carrel

First floor - southwest end of building near microforms

Danny Adams study carrel

First floor - northwest end of building near Lexis lab

Norma J. Ellsworth study carrel

First floor - northwest end of building near Lexis lab

Chuck Stegall study carrel

Second floor - east of periodicals

Richard Gregg Maxon study carrel

Second floor - east of periodicals

Patricia Norris study carrel

Second floor - north end at overlook

Ronald E. Lowe & Nina F. Lowe study carrel

Second floor - far south end

Glenn M. Gustafson study carrel

Second floor - south of treatise collection

Thomas Cole & Lucinda Lee Cole study table

Second floor - In-between treatise collection

East most study table

Second floor - north of room 203

Lance B. Payette study carrel

Third floor - north-most study carrel

Clare H. Abel & Richard S. Bowman study carrel

Third floor - south-most study carrel


Room Number


Computer Lab

First floor

Room 203

Second floor

Room 204

Second floor

Room 208

Second floor

Room 210

Second floor

Room 217

Second floor

Room 222

Second floor

Room 224

Second floor

Room 310

Third floor

Room 312

Third floor

Room 313

Third floor

Wireless Network

To utilize the wireless network an IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g compatible wireless network card is required. 

Wireless connections are available in the following locations:

  • Ross-Blakley Law Library 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors

  • Armstrong Hall's 1st floor, including: The Rotunda, Cohen Student Center, and all Classrooms

  • Armstrong Hall 2nd floor, north side of the building

  • Sidebar Cafe outdoor dining facility

  • ASU offers wireless access across all four campuses. Visit ASU Maps & Directions to locate wireless zones on your campus.