Spyware Removal

Your computer is infected. What do you do now?


Spyware usually needs your permission to install itself. They may not ask you directly. They just need you to click something. They usually use pop ups and fake windows messages trying to trick you into accepting it. A common scenario is a Windows pop up asking if you want to do something with the options "OK" and "Cancel". It's usually a trick and both buttons will do the same thing. Click the top right "X" or use task manager to close the application.

They can also log your keystrokes and transmit that data to others. They can steal logins, passwords, and banking information if you visit a site while infected.

How to remove them

1. Do you have an internet connection?



  • Use a flash drive and another computer to download the anti spyware installation files. Transfer the files over to your computer. 
    • Be aware, the virus CAN infect the flash drive after you plug it into the infected computer. Save Any data that may be on it before using it! The flash drive can carry the spyware to other computers, so be careful after using it.

2. Install and update the two spyware applications

3. Run the applications and select COMPLETE SCAN on both of them. Running them at the same is ok.

This can take  a couple of hours. Do not surf the internet during this time. Turning off the wifi will help prevent the spyware from downloading more during the scan.

4. Remove all of the detected spyware.

5. Restart and repeat steps 3 & 4 until there are no detections.

Spyware can replace it's deleted files after restarting so restarting and performing another scan until there are zero detections is vital to cleaning your computer.

6. Read our Spyware Prevention Page


There are other more specific programs that can help rid heavily infected computers.

A commonly used application is COMBOFIX . It can remove pesky spyware but has a chance to RUIN your operating system. This is our last resort but have yet to ruin a computer using it.

Follow these instructions to help prevent and mishaps.


Run Steps 3 & 4 now and see if this removes all the spyware.


Bring the laptop into the help desk and we will determine the next step.  Backing up your important files and reinstalling windows may be needed.

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