Classroom Technology Support Guidelines


  Reserving/Using Classroom Technology Equipment:

Please make reservations either when you reserve a room or through the Equipment Reservation Form (HelpSpot).

To ensure availability, faculty and staff should make requests for audiovisual equipment, including laptops, media carts, audio equipment and video projectors, at least 24 hours in advance.   Late requests should be called in to the Help Desk at 965-8181. 

Faculty and staff with recurring requests should call the Help Desk at 965-8181 as soon as they know they will not need the equipment or service for a given day or time period, making the resource available to other faculty and staff.

Please request instruction on the equipment installed in the classrooms before your class. 

Our operating hours are approximately 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday – Friday.  If you need equipment on evenings or weekends, please contact us early.  This will ensure that you have access to the equipment.

We do not have staff here on weekends.

Audio and Video Recording

The IT department does not provide video-taping services in general.  If you want a class or event video-taped, we will provide the camera, tripod and tape.  We will set it up and show you how to start and stop it, and we will retrieve the camera and tripod when the class/event is done.  We will also transfer the recording to another format (such as DVD or VHS) for you in a reasonable time.

The IT department will video or audio record a class or lecture in certain circumstances.  This includes:

  • When a class is missed by many students due to a religious day
  • When a professor is going to be traveling, he/she may want to prerecord a lecture to post to the class myASU website with discussion board activities rather than try to schedule a make-up class.
  • When a professor has missed a class due to illness, he/she can record a lecture and post to the class myASU website with discussion board activities rather than try to schedule a make-up class.
  • In extreme and rare cases, a class may be recorded for the benefit of an individual student (due to illness or emergency).  ONLY a professor may request to have a class recorded.  NO requests for video recording will be taken from students.

Faculty who wish to video or audio record a class or lecture, should let us know as soon as possible or we may not be able to accommodate the request or be able to put it on the web in a timely matter.  We are working on alternative methods to make this easier, but in the meantime, we need your cooperation.