Connecting to your H drive

Your H drive is a free storage space that is backed up and protected by the college.  It is linked to any computer that you log into at the College of Law and is named "My Documents" on the computers.

We HIGHLY recommend storing your files here. We have had students laptops fail and they have lost all of their work! Our servers are backed up multiple times and in multiple places. It won't get lost here!

Installing Cyberduck and Connecting

1.  Download and Install Cyberduck -   It is an FTP application, which
     you can  use anywhere (campus, home, starbucks, etc).  

It is available for download here - Cyberduck Download 

2. Open Cyberduck, click "Open Connection" and copy the information below
    with your own user name in place of mstamour (click the down arrow next 
    to more options).

3.  Follow the screen shots below to create a bookmark for your H drive.

If you belong to a student group and would like to access the O drive, please follow the steps below.