individual appointments

Staff are available to assist alumni in determining the best options for professional career
and employment opportunities, and to review application materials. To make an appointment
contact the Career Center at 480-965-5808 to schedule an appointment.


As an alum of Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, you have lifetime access to Symplicity.
Attorney positions and fellowship opportunities are posted regularly. Alumni may secure their
password by contacting the Career Center.


Reciprocity is a courtesy arrangement among different law school Career Service offices
where students and graduates are allowed to use onsite resources located in other
cities and states. 

Please Note:

·         Each law school has its own requirements for this use
·         Some only allow graduates to use their services and some are open to students
·         A student is required to have a letter of introduction from ASU before visiting or
        contacting another law school's Career Service office

If you are planning a visit to another school and would like a letter of reciprocity, please
contact Carolyn Landry.

aba professional services

The ABA is pleased to announce the Career Productivity Series, the second series of recession recovery programs which have been designed to help members navigate through today’s economic climate. These programs are free to ABA members and focus on how to identify job opportunities, utilize social media, and develop strategies for succeeding as a solo practitioner. For full descriptions of all the programs in the series, please visit the ABA

In addition to this series, the ABA has developed an 
Economic Recovery Resources website to provide you with relevant programs and benefits to assist you during this economic downturn. Please visit this site regularly, as resources, benefits and programs will continue to be added as they become available. Take advantage of these complimentary tools today.