on campus interview program

In the fall and spring, prospective employers recruit for jobs that begin the following summer or
after the bar exam. Students must register to participate in the Fall or Spring OCI through

Students can
  • Access a schedule of visiting and non-visiting employers,
  • Submit requested materials to employers of interest
  • Sign up for interviews online if selected by an employer. 

7 things you must know about OCI

1. OCI is a 2-step process

First, you must research the employer and review their hiring criteria. Second, apply/bid
online on Symplicity. Students will be notified via e-mail with information on applying to any
employers that are late additions after the deadline.

2. Bidding CLOSES at NOON

Give yourself enough time to:
  • Complete the entire bidding process
  • Review your bids before the bidding system shuts off at noon
  • Withdraw any bids for employers for which you no longer have an interest

3. Application materials must be uploaded on Symplicity

To apply/bid for employers, you must upload your application materials using Symplicity
as a repository and for
each employer submit an electronic copy of all requested documents.

4. Your e-mail address must be correct

Be sure that your email address (one you check) is listed correctly in the “Profile” section on
Symplicity. This is our primary mode of communication for OCI to broadcast interview availability,
cancellations, additions, and other important changes.

5. Convert your PDF version of ASU transcript to Word

ASU transcripts, the PDF version you receive through the online ASU Interactive or My ASU, has
an embedded encryption that creates an error page for the Resume Packets
that are sent to employers. 
Therefore, you must convert your PDF version into a Word document before uploading
your transcript and applying to Fall OCI employers
. Please view the Quick OCI Process Guide
below for instructions on converting PDF to a Word document.

6. OCI is only ONE way to find career opportunities

OCI and other recruiting programs represent only a small portion of job opportunities.
Throughout the year, the Career Center offers programs, panels, and individual counseling to
teach you lifelong career
development and job search techniques. Please take advantage of
these services to help you explore and pursue your goals.

7. Read the NALP hiring guidelines

The National Association for Law Placement has issued guidelines for the offers and acceptances
of employment. Most participating OCI and national firms follow these guidelines which include
deadlines for holding offers open and dates by when candidates must accept offers or chance
the offers rescinded.

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