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The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law logos are available to law school employees for use.

Use by student organizations: The logo also may be used by paraprofessional student organizations registered with the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) whose primary purpose is to support Arizona State University in a particular area such as admissions, community outreach, student government, etc. Use of the logo must be approved by the College of Law's Communications Department 480-965-8702, then by ASU Trademark Management at (480) 727-7848 or (480) 965-5499.

Use of the logos must follow these guidelines:

The logos cannot be altered in any way. Do not change the font type or size, or any of the graphic elements. The colors cannot be changed, with the exception of the background color.
The logo background color may be changed, but only to a color that is in the official ASU palette ( http://www.asu.edu/commguide/elements/color.html ). If you have problems or questions about getting the logo to look good on a certain color of background, please contact the Communications department and they will help you.
The background must be a solid color. At this time, you may not use the logo on a gradient background or on a photograph or other image. If you have a particular need to put the logo on a non-solid background, please consult with the Communications office for guidance and possible exception.
Various sizes of logos are provided on this site for both web pages and for print materials. The .eps files are also available if you know how to use Photoshop to create a unique size. Contact the Communications department if you need an .eps file.
Uses of the logo for items other than print and web materials (such as t-shirts, hats, promotional items) must be approved by the Communications department before the items are produced.
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