Practice Simulation

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (LAW-637)-This survey course will comprehensively examine the use of alternative methods to resolve disputes. Students will become familiar with negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other alternatives to litigation.
  • Arbitration (LAW-691)-As the use of alternative dispute resolution grows, arbitration is becoming a mainstream dispute resolution process. This course will examine the Federal Arbitration Act, and the Uniform Arbitration Act as it has been adopted in Arizona.
  • Lawyering Theory & Practice (LAW-702)-This introductory simulation-based survey course studies issues of competency and professionalism in the practice of law.
  • Negotiations (LAW-733)-This course examines all aspects of the negotiation process. Students will learn  the principles and skills associated with negotiation models by participating in a series of simulation exercises, both in and outside of class.
  • Pre-Trial Practice (LAW-738)-Trial and pretrial preparation from client interview to the courthouse steps.
  • Trial Advocacy (LAW-791)-Students learn trial advocacy by performing opening statements, direct and cross-examination, objections, motions to the Court, final arguments and other aspects of trial practice. The course culminates in a jury trial. Evidence is a prerequisite.