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Why Choose the ILP?

The Indian Legal Program, (ILP), is preeminent among national programs for providing unique opportunities and experiences to its students.  
  • Academic Excellence
  • Superior Faculty
  • Strategic Curriculum
  • Program and Scholarship Funding
  • Student Recruitment, Retention, and Support
  • Partnerships
  • Ideal Location
The Indian Legal Program is known for its placement of graduates in the practice of law, for its partnership with American Indian Nations and other native governments and organizations, for its contributions to Indian Country, for its superior teaching and Indian legal scholarship.


"The ILP is an important asset to the political aspect of the Indian community because it creates young practitioners who understand the critical nuances within the field of federal Indian law.  This is evident when one simply takes a look at the current positions held by past ILP graduates, and the projects and accomplishments they've completed and/or accumulated within their careers." 

Derrick Beetso
Class of 2010