Our People

Center Faculty Fellows

More than a third of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law faculty, an exceptionally large component, have scholarly interests in the law's relationship to scientific and technical fields. Many of these Faculty Fellows bring scientific training and experience that preceded their legal careers. This strong faculty presence has been critical to both the Center's founding and growth at ASU.

Center Advisory Board

The Center benefits enormously from the guidance and engagement of several leading figures from the bench, the bar, and the boardroom.  Our Advisory Board members, through their individual and collective volunteer efforts, help the Center become more embedded and more relevant for confronting the many challenges faced at the intersection of law and policy with science and technology.

Center Student Scholars

Each year, approximately ten Center Student Scholars are selected from each class. Center Scholars are active partners in the Center for Law, Science & Innovation, and participate in its management.

Center Research Fellows

The Center also relies upon the assistance of Research Fellows, who support Center activities and pursue research in conjunction with the Center and its Faculty Fellows.