Center Faculty Fellows

More than a third of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law faculty, an exceptionally large component, have scholarly interests in the law's relationship to scientific and technical fields. Many of these 25 Faculty Fellows bring scientific training and experience that preceded their legal careers. This strong faculty presence has been critical to both the Center's founding and growth at ASU.  

James G. Hodge Jr.
Lincoln Professor of Health Law and Ethics
Faculty Director, Public Health Law & Policy Program
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Through scholarly and applied work, James Hodge delves into multiple areas of public health law, global health law, ethics, and human rights. Professor Hodge teaches Health Law, Ethics, and Policy, Public Health Law and Ethics, and Global Health Law and Policy at the College of Law. He also is an affiliated faculty member in the Global Health program in the School of Human Evolution & Social Change at ASU. More 


Gary E. Marchant 
Faculty Director, Governance of Emerging Technologies Program
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Gary Marchant’s research interests include the use of genetic information in environmental regulation, risk and the precautionary principle, legal aspects of personalized medicine, and regulation of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, neuroscience and biotechnology. He teaches courses in Environmental Law, Law, Science & Technology, Genetics and the Law, Biotechnology: Science, Law and Policy, and Nanotechnology Law & Policy. More

Troy Rule
Faculty Director, Program on Law and Sustainability

Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Professor Rule teaches Property, Secured Transactions and Energy Law & Policy. He graduated with honors from the University of Chicago Law School in 2005, where he served on the Chicago Journal of International Law and was a John M. Olin Student Fellow in Law & Economics. His research focuses mainly on emerging property law issues involving wind energy, solar energy, domestic drones, and other technologies. More


Douglas J. Sylvester
Dean, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Douglas Sylvester was named Dean in March 2012. He previously was Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development, and was responsible for building an environment that fosters faculty scholarship, organizing speaker series, mentoring junior faculty, and seeking innovative ways to increase the faculty's visibility. Interim Dean Sylvester has published, taught and lectured on issues of intellectual property law and commercialization, international law, emerging technologies and privacy.  More  

Joshua W. Abbott

Prior to joining the College of Law, Josh Abbott worked as an attorney at Wiley Rein in Washington, D.C., where he specialized in international telecom regulation and antitrust litigation. Abbott advised international and domestic companies and trade associations on legal, regulatory, and policy matters relating to communications and information technologies, including satellite, wireless, and broadband Internet, and on privacy and competition issues. More

Kenneth W. Abbott
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

A leading scholar in international law, Kenneth Abbott’s teaching and research focus on the interdisciplinary study of international law and international relations, including public and private institutions, environmental issues, development policy, global health, and international trade and economic law. He also has a faculty appointment in the ASU School of Global Studies, where he co-directs the global environmental governance program. More

Braden Allenby
Senior Research Fellow

Braden R. Allenby is currently Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics, and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and of Law, at Arizona State University, having moved from his previous position as the Environment, Health and Safety Vice President for AT&T in 2004. More

Dan Bodansky 
Lincoln Professor of Law, Ethics, and Sustainability
Center for Law and Global Affairs

Daniel M. Bodansky is a preeminent authority on global climate change whose teaching and research focus on international environmental law and public international law. He teaches courses in international law and sustainability and is a key player in the College of Law’s new Program on Law and Sustainability. More

Karen Bradshaw Schulz
Associated Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Karen Bradshaw Schulz researches governance of natural resources, with an emphasis on emerging regulatory approaches including certification regimes, public-private partnerships, and collaborative settlements. She is an expert on wildfire law and has also written about land development and forest management. More

Guy A. Cardineau
Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Law

Guy Cardineau began his career in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology over 19 years ago as a Scientist at a small start-up company, Sungene Technologies, where he also served a short time as Manager of Market Development. He moved to Agrigenetics in 1989 to head Molecular Biology and then to Mycogen in 1993 as Director of Molecular Biology, eventually with responsibility also for Biochemistry. More

Adam Chodorow 
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Professor Chodorow is Chair of the Teaching Tax Committee of the ABA’s Tax Section and on the Council of the Tax Section of the State Bar of Arizona. He also is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Tannenwald Writing Competition. More

Robert Clinton
Foundation Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Professor Clinton has visited as a scholar or teacher at the law schools of the University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Cornell University, University of San Diego and the Faculty of Law of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Additionally, he has taught in the Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indian and Native Alaskan Students sponsored by the American Law Center, Inc. More

Linda J. Demaine
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Linda Demaine's research interests include the empirical analysis of law, legal procedure, and legal decision making, the application of legal and psychological perspectives to social issues, ethical, legal, and social issues deriving from advances in technology, and information campaigns and persuasion. Professor Demaine teaches a Torts course and seminars in Law and Psychology and Cults and Alternative Religions. More

Ira Mark Ellman 
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Ira Ellman’s current scholarly projects include an empirical investigation into how people make judgments about appropriate legal rules, and he has recently been awarded a large grant from an English foundation to extend that work to the United Kingdom. He is an affiliate faculty member of the Center for Child and Youth Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. More

Aaron X. Fellmeth
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Aaron Fellmeth has studied international law from an interdisciplinary perspective since 1991. His research and teaching focus on international law jurisprudence and the formation of rules of customary international law in contested subjects, such as evolving human rights issues, espionage and covert action, psychological manipulation, new technologies in conventional and asymmetrical armed conflict, and the internationalization of intellectual property rights. He also is Faculty Editor of Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology, published by the College together with the ABA’s Section of Science & Technology Law.   More 

Joel Garreau
Lincoln Professor of Law, Culture and Values
Director, The Prevail Project: Wise Governance for Challenging Futures

Joel Garreau, who joined the College in 2010, is a student of culture, values and change. Professor Garreau is the author of Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies, and What It Means to Be Human, a look at the hinge in history at which we have arrived. The genetic, robotic, information and nanotechnology revolutions are changing what it means to be human – modifying people’s minds, memories, metabolisms, personalities and progeny – not in some distant science fiction future but right now, on our watch. More

Betsy J. Grey
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Betsy Grey publishes and teaches on issues of tort law, products liability and mass tort litigation, as well as neuroscience and law, and has presented to judicial conferences and other professional groups on these issues. Her recent scholarly work has focused on the study of no-fault compensation systems in the United States, as well as the impact of advancements in neuroscience on tort law. More               

Michelle L. Gross
Director of the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic
Center for Law, Science & Innovation 

Michelle L. Gross serves as the Director of the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic as well as developing and teaching the core curriculum of the Masters of Legal Studies, Patent Practice concentration program. Her instructional focus is on training students on the practical applications of laws and rules pertaining to transactional intellectual property practice, namely the practical aspects of patent and trademark application drafting and prosecution. More 

Glenn Hoetker
Associate Professor
Dean's Council Distinguished Scholar, W.P. Carey School of Business

Dr. Hoetker joined the W. P. Carey School in 2011 after ten years at the University of Illinois, where he directed the Center for International Business Education and Research. His interests lie at the intersection of strategy, innovation and globalization. He has a particular interest in the economy and institutions of Japan. More

Dennis S. Karjala
Jack E. Brown Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Dennis Karjala's work in intellectual property, specifically copyright law, is internationally recognized and complemented by his facility in written and spoken Japanese. Professor Karjala, who joined the College in 1978, teaches courses in property law, copyright, international intellectual property and intellectual property in cyberspace. More

Orde Kittrie
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Professor Kittrie was named 2006-2007 Centennial Professor of the Year at ASU, a university-wide award honoring outstanding teaching inside and outside the classroom. He was also named by Hispanic Outlook on Higher Education as one of the United States’ four most notable Hispanic professors of international law. More

Rhett Larson
Associated Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Rhett Larson’s research and teaching interests are in property law, administrative law, and environmental and natural resource law, in particular, domestic and international water law and policy. Larson graduated from the University of Chicago Law School, and received his Master of Science in Water Science, Policy, and Management from Oxford University, where he was a Weidenfeld Scholar. More

Elizabeth L. Leonard
Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist            

Center for Law, Science & Innovations

Elizabeth L. Leonard is a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist with research interests in the area of neuroscience and law.  Her current work studies the impact of brain injury in individuals involved in tort litigation and neuropsychiatric and developmental disorders in the assessment of defendants in criminal proceedings. More


Myles V. Lynk
Peter Kiewit Foundation Professor of Law and the Legal Profession
Center for Law, Science & Innovations

Myles Lynk's areas of interest include business and corporate law, civil procedure, legal ethics and professional responsibility, bioethics in health care and law and literature. In 2008-2009 he was a Visiting Honors Faculty Fellow in ASU’s Barrett, The Honors College. In 2010 he received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the College of Law’s Alumni Association. More

Kaipo Matsumura
Associate Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovations              


Kaipo Matsumura joined the ASU law faculty in 2014 after spending three years teaching at Stanford Law School as a Thomas C. Grey Fellow. He previously practiced antitrust, patent, and appellate law at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. Before entering private practice, Professor Matsumura served as a law clerk to the Honorable A. Wallace Tashima of the U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Professor Matsumura is licensed to practice in California and several federal courts. More


Kris Mayes
Professor of Practice
Faculty Director, Program on Law and Sustainability
& Innovation

Kris Mayes, a Prescott native, graduated valedictorian from ASU with a degree in political science. She was a reporter for the Phoenix Gazette, and later for The Arizona Republic, before going to graduate school at Columbia University in New York, where she earned a Master of Public Administration. She returned to The Republic, and covered the 2000 presidential campaigns of Sen. John McCain, former Vice President Dan Quayle, publisher Steve Forbes and then-Governor George W. Bush. More 

Eric Menkhus
Clinical Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

As Director of the Innovation Advancement Program, Eric Menkhus works with students from across ASU – the College of Law, W.P. Carey School of Business, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Barrett, The Honors College – to provide essential services to technology start-up companies and entrepreneurs with ties to Arizona. More 

Jonathan Rose
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

After spending most of his career focusing on antitrust, regulation and legal ethics, Jonathan Rose changed direction. His primary scholarly interests now involve medieval and early modern English legal history, and his research focuses on the history and regulation of the legal profession and the operation of the medieval legal system. More 

Michael Saks
Regents' Professor of Law and Psychology
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Michael J. Saks’ research focuses on empirical studies of the legal system, especially decision making; the behavior of the litigation system; and the law’s use of science. Professor Saks is the fourth most-cited law-and-social-science scholar in the U.S., and has authored approximately 200 articles and books. Courses he has taught include criminal law, evidence, law and science, property and torts. More 

Nick Schweitzer
Associate Director of the ASU School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Nick is Associate Director of the ASU School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He is a social psychologist who, among a few other topics, does research on how legal actors make decisions involving scientific information including: neuro-imaging, neuro-monitoring, forensic science of various kinds, scientific evidence of causation, and biological explanations of behavior. More


Ann M. Stanton
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Since joining the College faculty in 1980, Ann Stanton has taught courses in Juvenile Law, Domestic Relations, Elder Law, Law and Gender, Law and Ethics of Lawyering, and Law and Social Science, and seminars in Parent-Child and Law & the Arts. She has written extensively about child custody, children’s and grandparents’ rights, domestic relations and other family-law issues. More


Yvonne Stevens
Outreach Coordinator / Instructor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Yvonne’s teaching and research focus is on the relationship among, and impact of, law, policy and ethics within the context of emerging technologies.  Yvonne co-teaches Law, Science and Technology (fall 2015) and Genetics and the Law (spring 2016). She also teaches Canadian Professional Responsibility, as part of the law school's North American Law Degree Program.  Yvonne serves as the law school’s Center for Law, Science & Innovation’s Community Outreach Coordinator, is a Center Research Fellow, Center Community & Executive Council board member and produces the Center’s blog, Bits, Bots & Biomarkers.     More 


James Weinstein
Amelia Lewis Professor of Constitutional Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

James Weinstein's areas of academic interest are Constitutional Law, especially
Free Speech, as well as Jurisprudence and Legal History. He is co-editor of Extreme Speech and Democracy (Oxford University Press 2009, paperback edition 2010); the author of Hate Speech, Pornography and the Radical Attack on Free Speech Doctrine (Westview Press 1999). More 

Laurence H. Winer
Professor of Law
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Since joining the College faculty in 1983, Laurence Winer has taught courses in Telecommunications and Media Law, Constitutional Law, Ideas of the First Amendment, Law & Ethics of Lawyering, Torts, Analytical Methods for Lawyers, and Defamation & Privacy. His major scholarship focuses on the First Amendment and government regulation of the media and includes published articles, amicus briefs and various government filings. More

Roselle Wissler
Research Director, Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program
Center for Law, Science & Innovation

Roselle Wissler conducts empirical research on mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. Her research and writing address various policy issues relating to ADR and examine the factors that contribute to the use and effectiveness of ADR processes. Her other research interests include alternate compensation systems and decision making concerning liability and damages in civil cases. More